Glee Club

Morgan started at a new school and she loves to sing. She finds out that there is a glee club at her school and she is dying to join. But her ex-best friend is in it. What will she do? Is there some tension between the two of them?


5. why?


after Harry came back and said he was with Morgan. Was she cheating on me. If she was, why would she do that. I felt something when we kissed.

I got out of bed and went for a shower. I grabbed out a striped shirt and some black skinny jeans. I got my jacket and went out the door. I was going to spend the day with Morgan and Maddy. I don't care if they have plans, They are going to cancel.


I woke up and got into the shower. I was spending the day with Harry and Maddy, so that he could get to know her and become a great father for her.

I grabbed my light blue short sleeved shirt and some black leggings, with some blue vans to match.

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