Glee Club

Morgan started at a new school and she loves to sing. She finds out that there is a glee club at her school and she is dying to join. But her ex-best friend is in it. What will she do? Is there some tension between the two of them?


2. partnership

Morgans POV

Morgan and Harry...

"I'm paired up with Harry. I wonder who that is?" Ciara and Niall both shrugged. "I'm Harry!" Harry said. OMG he looked so familiar.

Where do I know him from? I have definitely seen him before somewhere. I wonder where.

I just shrugged off where I have seen him before and grabbed his arm. I dragged him to our table and he sat with us. "My names Morgan as you probably noticed and I figure you're Harry". "Yep. Wait do you mean Morgan as in the Morgan Brown I went to high school with? Remember me Harry Styles!" He said.

Omg it was Harry styles whom I absolutely hate for a certain reason. He is the most self centred jerk anyone could ever meet. That's where I knew him from. His dark curls and emerald eyes make my blood boil and most of all his two dimples that appear whenever he smiles.

I got up and just left the table without any reason at all. Ciara and Niall followed. "What's wrong? Why did you just walk away? It was Harry...." I cut them off. "Yes it is because of Harry. Do you want to know why?" They both nodded.

"It all started back in yr 10. Harry and I were best friends and after a while of being friends Harry asked me out on a date. I said yes and he took me on the most romantic date ever. I quickly fell in love with him and he told me he loved me. Then one day we decided to do it. Afterwards Harry left and went somewhere else. Then the next day he was very distant from me, so I asked him what was wrong. He just ignored me, well actually pushed me away and walked over to the one person I hated more than anyone else. Hope Edwards. Then he kissed her. It shattered my heart and from that day on Hope had bullied me and Harry didn't do anything. So at the end of year ten I left that school and went to a new one. Never saw Harry again. From that day on I have hated Harry Styles and have never wanted to be near him again." I took a breath.

"But the worst part is that part of me still loves him and he is also the father of my beautiful little girl. Maddy." I finished. They both looked at me confused. The bell rang. Time for singing class, my favourite time of the day. But one person had to ruin it. Harry.


"Singing assignment partners sheet is going to be up on the notice board at lunch. You will be working in pairs and you will write a song together that you will perform for the class" the teacher said. Then she dismissed us to lunch. She pulled me back and I gestured for Niall and Ciara to wait. "Morgan. There is a glee club at this school and I think you would be a good fit. You can not invite your friends. The teachers choose who goes in and I think you would be a great fit!" I nodded. "Thank you. I would love to join!" She nodded and wrote my name on a piece of paper. Then I ran up to Niall and Ciara.

Niall and Ciara ran over to the notice board. "Yay we are paired up together again!" They high-fived laughing.

I scanned the board for my name. My name was at the bottom of the list so it took a little while to find it.

Niall and Ciara...

Morgan and Harry..

Urgh not again.

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