Glee Club

Morgan started at a new school and she loves to sing. She finds out that there is a glee club at her school and she is dying to join. But her ex-best friend is in it. What will she do? Is there some tension between the two of them?


4. Date!

Morgans POV

"Louis!" I screamed. He gave me a big hug. "Where's this family member you told me about?" He asked. "Oh yes... Maddy come meet Louis, mummy's date" I yelled. "Mum?" He question starting to back away. "It's ok. She is lovely and if you really want to go on a date with me you won't mind if she came?" He nodded.


"Hi. I'm Maddy!" She attempted to give Louis a hug and he picked her up. He started making baby noises and playing with her. "Wow! You would make a great dad!" I said. "May I ask who the father is?" He asked.


"I'd rather not say" he nodded. We walked out of the door hand in hand until Harry stopped us.


"I want to see my daughter!" He demanded. "No!" I yelled back. "Let me see her now!" He screamed in my face. Maddy was now hiding behind Louis's legs. I walked up to Harry and got close to his face "Never! You think that because you left me. Well actually cheated on me and I had a your child you deserve to see her. I have full custody of her and you are not going to see her!" I screamed.


I picked up Maddy and walked away. Damn she reminded me so much of Harry and of how much I still love him. Louis followed me and we left Harry standing there stunned.




"Here we are" Louis said as we walked through the door. "Table for three?" The waitress asked. "I have a reservation for three under the name of Tomlinson" he said. "Oh yes... Your table is right over there.


We walked over to our table and sat down. Louis was being a gentleman and pulled out my chair and sat Maddy on a chair too.


"So Maddy tell me about yourself" Louis asked Maddy. "Well I am thwee and I live wif Aunty Julie. I stay there during the week and stay wif mummy on weekends. Mummy says I am gifted wif a pweety voice and I can sing vewy well. Tell me about you Louis" Maddy said.


"Well my names Louis and I love to sing. I come from England and I have five younger half-sisters. I am twenty two years old and I am in love with carrots. I love to sing and I want to be a professional singer one day" Louis said while Maddy watched him intensely.


"My turn!" I yelled. "Go ahead" Louis nodded. "Ok. My name is Morgan, but people call me Morgs. I am from Holmes Chapel in England and I have a daughter called Maddy. She was named after my best friend. I love Maddy more than anyone else in the world and I love to sing just like my baby girl" I say. "May I ask where your best friend is?" Louis asked.


I started to cry because I missed Maddy so much and she was the only person who was there for me the whole time through my pregnancy. I miss her so much. "Maddy was mummy's best fwend, but she died just after I was bown. My name was owiginally Lilly but mummy changed it because she like the name Maddy better" Maddy explained.


Louis looked so upset. He got up and came over to me and gave me a big hug. He lifted up my chin with two of his fingers.


I looked him in the eye and out the blue he kissed me and I kissed back. I felt sparks blow up that's I have only felt once before and that was with Harry. But with Harry it was so much deeper and I saw sparks every time I kissed him.


"Ew!" Maddy screeched. We quickly pulled away and both looked at each other then nodded. We both kissed her on different cheeks. When we stopped she wiped her cheek and we were like one big happy family.




We arrived at my dorm room door and said our goodbyes to Louis. He gave me a good bye kiss and gave Maddy a big hug. "See you on Monday!" He yelled going down the hall and to his dorm.


I opened the door and found Niall and Ciara watching tv together snuggled up on the couch. I flopped down next to them with Maddy following behind.


Louis's POV


I walked down the hall looking back to make sure that Morgan and Maddy got back safely. Once they were inside I walked abit faster to reach my dorm.


I opened the door only to meet Harry. "How was your date?" He asked. "Amazing! How could you ever get a girl like that and then cheat on her. I could never do that. I think I'm in love" I said. Harry shot me a death glare and walked out of the room.


I flopped down on my bed and closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Harry's POV


I walked up to Morgans door and knocked on the door. Sure enough Niall opened up. "I need to see Morgan!" I demanded. He pushed me out of the door and followed. "Look. I know you are not going to let me go in there, but how would you feel if I kept you from seeing your one true love. I need to see her and I need to meet my daughter. It's hard enough when you don't know you have a daughter and it's especially hard when you aren't aloud to meet them." He opened the door and let me through.


"Morgan. I love you and I would love to meet our child." I said. "Well.... I don't love you but I would love for you to meet Maddy" she said. My heart sank as I heard those words came out of her mouth. she picked up a little that looked exactly like me, brown curly hair, emerald eyes and two dimples. she smiled as soon as she saw me "Maddy, this is your daddy. Harry" she nodded and ran up to me and gave me a big hug. i picked her up and was bonding with her.




"C'mon Maddy. Time for bed" Morgan yelled from the kitchen. She came running out and picked up Maddy from my arms, Maddy screamed and kicked her mum. "Maddy stop!" she yelled. "here i'll put her to bed" i suggested. Maddy nodded.


I took Maddy from her arms and took her to her bed. "Goodnight Cupcake" I said. she giggled and i kissed her forehead. I sang her a song and she fell asleep very quickly. I tip toed out of the room and walked up to Morgan "Movie? Like old times" I asked and she shook her head. "I don't want to be with you. I have never wanted to be with you, you cheated on me and then you can't just waltz back into my life asking me for and opportunity to be your girlfriend again when I'm with Louis. I hate you Harry and I never want to be with you again!" Morgan yelled. I got up and left.

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