Glee Club

Morgan started at a new school and she loves to sing. She finds out that there is a glee club at her school and she is dying to join. But her ex-best friend is in it. What will she do? Is there some tension between the two of them?


3. another one

Morgans POV

Why me? Why do I always have to end up with the one person I hate? I hope we don't write a love song. They are the worst things to write and to especially perform to a class.

"Partners again I see Morgs!" Harry said as he came over to me to give me a hug. "Don't call me that!" I spat back at him.

I walked off mumbling to myself until a hand grabbed my wrist. "What's wrong Morgs?" The husky British voice said. "You! That's what's wrong you cheat on me and then think we can be besties again! I hate you and I always will!" I spat as I turned away and brushed past his shoulder as I made my way back to Niall and Ciara.

I started to cry as I got to Niall and Ciara so they both gave me a hug. "I'm sure you can ask to change partners. If you really don't want to be near him" Ciara suggested. "Yeah. Yeah I'm just gonna get the teachers to change my partners around" they nodded.


"Welcome to dance class everyone. I am Ms. Holiday and I will be your teacher for the rest of the year. Everyone find a partner because we will be learning the tango. Boy girl pairs!" Ms. Holiday said. Harry walked up to me and held out his hand, I shook my head.

This guy came up to me and held out his hand, this time I accepted. We started to tango when "my name is Louis and by the way Harry is doche bag don't ever go near him. He is a player too!" Louis said. "I know he cheated on my in yr 10. Then I left the school and never saw him again until today. My name is Morgan, but you can call me Morgs" I said. He sighed and nodded.

"Why the long sigh?" I asked. "Just because..." He answered. "Just because why?" I asked curiously. He wouldn't look me in the eyes. "Just because I can't believe why he would do it to you. Your pretty, you seem intelligent and any guy would be lucky to even be dancing with you right now." He said. I happened to chuckle.

"Why are you laughing?!" He started to angry. "Oh...... Just the fact that you blushed when you were talking about me!" He blushed again. "Look do you wanna hang out tomorrow and it can be a sort of date. Look I also have a family member staying with me so is it ok if she comes?" He nodded.


I woke up around normal time and skipped over to the shower as I was happy to see my daughter and of course my date with Louis. I really hope he likes Maddy. Once I finished my shower I got out some black leggings and a blue cropped top that say I'm with him ->. With some blue vans and silver hoop earrings to match.

I heard a knock on the door and quickly got my earrings off the basin and stuck them in my ears. I ran to the door and got Ciara out of bed and she jumped in the shower. I opened up the door and saw my beautiful girl standing there.

"Maddy!" I ran up and hugged her. She was wearing a hot pink top that said i luv my mum in bold silver letters with plain black leggings and some baby pink vans. " you ready to go?" She nodded. I picked her up and sat down on my bed. Soon Ciara came out. "Is this Maddy?" She asked. Maddy nodded. "I have heard so much about you!" She squealed.

I heard a knock on the door and opened it up hoping to see Louis, but instead I saw Harry. "Hey Morgs....,.. Who's kid?" He asked after a long pause. "Mine!" I spat back. "Who's the dad?" "Just go away Harry! I have to get ready for my date with Louis and my child is coming too!" I pushed him away, but he faught back. "Like I said who's the father?" He asked. "Just go away!" I spat getting really frustrated now. "After you tell me who the father is!" He demanded.

"Fine! I tell you. You! You are the father of my child. But you left me for Hope before I got the chance to tell you! Let me rephrase that. You cheated on me with Hope before I got the chance to tell you!" I yelled as I pushed him out of my dorm room and made him go home.

He stood there stunned. Without a single word or sound at all.

I heard a knock on the door and swung it open to reveal Louis.

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