Wild At Heart

Mehmet Narvaéz is a Mexican/Turkish boy, who like any typical kid his age in high school, deals with his share of problems. He gets straight A's and is really smart, and a little too street smart, but that's because he's been bullied, and all the bullying he has had to endure, has created in him an untamed heart, un Corazón Indomable.

He re-encounters the guys from One Direction, with whom he was once friends with, but was especially close with Zayn, who befriended him when he first moved to London. However their friendship failed, and now Zayn wants to reestablish and repair their broken friendship. But will Mehmet's untamed heart allow him to? Will he be able to let go off all the pain and humiliations he has had to endure? Will Zayn and the rest of the One Direction guys be able to save him from the painful wounds he has and save him from his self destructive behavior? Or will his heart be so hardened and untamed that he is beyond saving?

All Rights Reserved © johnnyelhajj


11. Past Suspicions

Chapter Eleven

Past Suspicions


            I was drinking some coffee. and the enchiladas that Carmen had made. Liam and Carmen went together to pick them up while we stayed in the hospital with Mehmet.

            Sitting there next to him, I started to remember Lulú and how malevolent she always seemed to me. I always warned Louis about her, and to be careful. He in turn would always say that he didn’t trust Mehmet, and pretty much was saying that if he was always around us, that I was not to say anything about his girlfriend. That angered me, but at the same time I hoped that I was wrong about her, and what I suspected she was capable of.

            Thinking about it some more, I began to think that maybe Lulú was the one who put the money in Mehmet’s backpack. I also remember how out of it, and how sick, Mehmet felt when he woke up that day. It seemed as if he had had too much to drink. But he wasn’t even a drinker. I mean back then, he’d only been like fifteen years old. Even for a teenage lad like him, I knew he wasn’t a drinker, even though most kids his age did drink.

            “What’s on your mind?” asked Niall.

            I looked over at Carmen, who was talking with Louis, Liam, and Harry.

            I turned my attention to Niall. “I’m just thinking about…Lulú.”

            He frowned. “Lulú?”

            “Yes” I said sternly.

            “What about her?”

            “Remember when we arrived that day when we found out the money had gone missing?”


            “And how it seemed like Mehmet had passed out?”

            Niall looked confused. “Where are you going with this?”

            “What if Lulú put the money in Mehmet’s backpack?”

            He blinked a couple times. “Why would she do that? And besides when we got home she wasn’t even there?”

            “What if she was there? What if Mehmet wasn’t lying when he said she was there, and that she let him into the house?”

            Niall stayed quiet for a long time, then he got up. “Follow me.”

            We both walked out, and told everyone else we were going to get some more coffee.

            Louis looked at us suspiciously as we walked by. However, I could tell his suspicion was more aimed towards me, than at Niall.

            Niall and I headed outside. As soon as we were out of earshot from anyone that might walk by us, he started talking. “Ok, so you think Lulú could have been the one who framed a fifteen year old boy?”

            “Are you saying you don’t believe she’s capable of doing something like that?”

            Once again, he stayed silent for a long time. It was as if he wasn’t one hundred percent sure what he really thought about her.

            “Ok, and say I believe what you’re saying is true, why would she do that?”

            I didn’t exactly know myself why, but I just could not shake that feeling I felt in my gut that Lulú was not the delicate little flower she always made herself to be. “I don’t know to be honest, but I’ve never trusted that girl…and what if she in fact did do this?” He remained silent. He was definitely thinking hard. “Why are you so silent all of a sudden Niall?”

            “I’ve never trusted her either Zayn” he confessed.

            “And why didn’t you ever say anything?”

            “Because I had no real reason not to trust her. She was always Louis’s girlfriend, and he trusted her.”

            “A little too much if you ask me” I said angrily.

            “Well yeah. But again, why are you suddenly suspecting it was her?”

            “Because Mehmet had no reason to lie to us. He was just an innocent boy trying to get through school. And the only reason we didn’t believe him was because he had the money in his backpack, which was enough for us to drive the conclusion that he had in fact taken the money from where Louis and I had hidden it at” I said. “But here’s the thing that’s making me realize he didn’t do it.”

            “What is it?” Niall looked like he was now ready to believe everything I had said.

            “Mehmet never even knew where the money had been hidden at” I said. “He didn’t even know we had been saving up any. And we all know where the money was hidden at.”

            “So if Mehmet didn’t know about the money, then how did it end up in his backpack?”

            “What if Lulú drugged him? And when he was unconscious she put it there?”

            “Wait” Niall shook his head fast. “Drugged?”

            “Remember how out of it Mehmet was when he woke up? He was really and totally and completely out of it, and he even felt sick.”

            “But what proof is there?”

            “Look, I remember that day clearly, and how Louis panicked when the money got lost.”

            “And he immediately called her.”

            “Yes. And then she suggested we call the police. Then they came and she suggested they look in his backpack, as if she knew for a fact it was there.”

            “Oh my God” Niall looked nervous. “She did, and I even wondered how it was that it was this easy for the money to have been found.”

            “And the worst thing wasn’t simply that an innocent boy got arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. I told him to bugger off and to get lost. And to forget about us because if I ever saw him again ever, I would not hesitate to hurt him.”

            Suddenly, those words I uttered to an innocent boy, rung in my ears and made me realize the terrible mistake I had made when he begged me to believe him, that he had not taken the money from us. He even claimed he had no idea that money existed. And even when the cops asked him where he had found the money, he could not answer, and they even asked him how he came into the house, and he said she let him in. Lulú however denied it all, and both she and Louis told him terrible things, telling him that he knew, and that he was just playing the stupid card.”

            “I remember Lulú’s expression at that moment. She was smiling, but it was an evil smile. A smile so evil, that now I am certain she was behind it all.”

            “If she did this to him, then this must mean that…Oh mate, I don’t even want to consider it.”


            He sighed. “That Louis might have plotted this with her.”

            “You really think he might have done this?”

            “Yes. I mean, Louis never liked Mehmet, and said he was after our fame, which we didn’t even have then. But why would Lulú do this to him? I mean what would she have gained out of this unless she did it to help Louis get rid of Mehmet?”

            I almost didn’t want to believe it. In fact I didn’t want to believe that one of my mates was involved in such a terrible thing. But there were just too many things that confirmed he was potentially involved in this, and that he might have had Lulú do this for him.

            “We need to investigate this further” I said.

            “Investigate what exactly?” Liam surprised us.

            “Liam” I was trembling.

            “Investigate what?” he asked again.

            “Nothing, we were just thinking about…”

            “Look, if something is going on, I would appreciate it if you told me the truth” he said.

            I felt guilty about this.

            “Liam, don’t say anything to Harry about this” I began, “But I think that Mehmet might have been innocent the whole time.”

            “About what happened a few years ago with the money?” Liam looked at us funny.

            “We think that Lulú might have done it, and that Louis might have been involved” I said.

            “Wait a minute. This is our mate you’re talking about here. And yes, Louis never really liked Mehmet and I know he treated him badly, but I have major doubts that he would frame a fifteen year old kid of something like this.”

            “Liam, Mehmet never even knew about the money. We always kept it between us five and he never knew about it ever. So unless one of us told him” Niall got his attention right there. “And I doubt anyone told him, he never knew a thing about it.”

            Liam knew that to be a fact. Harry was good at keeping secrets, so he would not say anything to anyone. Louis of course would never say anything to Mehmet because he didn’t trust him. But what if he told Lulú, with whom he was really intimate with?

            Lulú was known to be very persuasive.

            “Ok, this is really messed up” Liam looked crushed.

            “Look, let’s not say anything to Louis or Harry. Let it stay between us three until we figure this out” I urged.

            “But we won’t be able to keep this from him forever” Liam said.

            “I know” I said. “But we can’t start accusing anyone of wrongdoing, until we have all our facts straight.”

            “Agreed” said Liam.

            “I second that” said Niall.

            “Look, we better get back inside before any media photographers see us here” I said.

            “Wise idea mate” said Niall.

            The three of us headed inside. Entering Mehmet’s room, we noticed he was finally awake. The nurse was taking the IV needle off his upper hand. His expression sad, eyes filled with pain.

            Louis stood next to Carmen, being so attentive to her, and at the same time wondering how he could be this attentive to the mom of the boy he despised.

            Now, I wasn’t sure of what Louis was really capable of. Lulú had a major influence on him. I didn’t want to believe he was involved, but I had to be objective and not let the fact he was my mate, blind me to what might be the truth.

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