Wild At Heart

Mehmet Narvaéz is a Mexican/Turkish boy, who like any typical kid his age in high school, deals with his share of problems. He gets straight A's and is really smart, and a little too street smart, but that's because he's been bullied, and all the bullying he has had to endure, has created in him an untamed heart, un Corazón Indomable.

He re-encounters the guys from One Direction, with whom he was once friends with, but was especially close with Zayn, who befriended him when he first moved to London. However their friendship failed, and now Zayn wants to reestablish and repair their broken friendship. But will Mehmet's untamed heart allow him to? Will he be able to let go off all the pain and humiliations he has had to endure? Will Zayn and the rest of the One Direction guys be able to save him from the painful wounds he has and save him from his self destructive behavior? Or will his heart be so hardened and untamed that he is beyond saving?

All Rights Reserved © johnnyelhajj


24. Calm Before the Storm

Chapter Twenty-Four

Calm Before the Storm


            These last few days since I last saw Louis, were a little stressful. I’d spoken to some of the lads and we concluded that this division was started to tear the group apart. Liam, Niall, and Harry agreed that Lulú was the source of this division, and not Mehmet, the way Louis always tried to spin it.

The three of them were also thinking of potentially just getting another house for themselves, since they too could not stand being around Lulú’s constant presence. They could clearly see that she was the problem, and that Mehmet was not at all the bad guy that Louis often times pinned him as. I could only describe Mehmet as a sweet and caring boy who simply wants to enjoy and share his life with those he loves. Still, as much as he wanted to enjoy life the way he used to at one point in his life, he still felt that lingering sadness that just would not leave him alone.

Last night, Mehmet came into my room after having a nightmare, and had been crying as well. He told me that it was the same dream he’s had since he lost his brother. In the dream, he was in a sense reliving what had happened to his brother, but with one difference. I was there, and I too got killed. That left him even more scared, and even revealed to me that it wasn’t so much us being separated from one another physically, that he was afraid of, but rather he was afraid that something bad would happen to me. He even revealed to me that he was afraid that Lulú would do something to me.

I did not doubt she was planning something against me. She knew I was on to her, and knowing she nearly killed Eduardo, I knew she was more dangerous than anyone could imagine. So Mehmet’s worries were completely valid, but I wasn’t going to scare him by telling him that Lulú would most likely try and kill me because she knew I was on to her. Sure, my life was potentially at risk here, but that was not going to hold me back from doing the right thing. Mehmet was like a little brother to me. He looked up to me in so many ways, and that was not something I wanted to betray.

Mehmet finally arrived. Just looking at how he was gulping down a cold bottle of water, I could easily tell he had had a long day.

“How was school?”

“A bust!” he finished he rest of the bottle. He put his whole palm over his head. “Whoa, that was a bit of a rush.”

“Brain freeze?”

“Yes” he laughed. “It sure was.”

“So why was school a bust?”

“Because everyone knows I’m friends with you, and have seen us together. And then there was that photo of us being all chummy with each other that night at that restaurant.”

“Does it bother you?” I wondered if he was somehow bothered by this media attention.

“Actually, no, it doesn’t bother me all that much.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

“And why do you sound so surprised?” I smiled.

He sighed, and the both of us headed upstairs to my room, and talk. It was what we pretty much always did, talk. It was the one thing we both had in common. We were vocal.

We sat on the bed and looked into each other’s eyes. “To answer your question, I guess yeah it is a bit bothersome to have photographers following us around when we’re trying to enjoy some time to ourselves. But I guess since we’re together once again, that annoyance becomes something less important. Somehow I’m able to live with it.”

I loved it when Mehmet spoke. When he said things, they were deep, and with feeling. There was no blandness in his words. He always vocalized his feelings and made them known. He was brave that way. He wasn’t afraid to voice how he felt, even if someone didn’t agree with how he felt about a certain situation. I think that was why he was always referred to as El Indomable.

            “So kids are giving you a hard time?”

            “Some are yeah, especially because of that photo of us in the pool. How we were all hugging and being bromantic” he laughed. “But the one that was giving me a hard time, was Ronnie. He was kind of insinuating that we were like…you know…”

            It took me a moment to fully understand what he was trying to say. Then it hit me. Ronnie was trying to say that both Mehmet and I were together romantically, when that was far, and beyond the truth. Mehmet and I were close and intimate as friends, because for one thing we respected one another, were comfortable with one another, and we both come from cultures where intimate friendships were not seen as one being abnormal or weird.

In fact, in some cultures it was customary to give kisses on either cheek when greeting someone. In others, even two blokes who were friends and were holding hands, was something very common and did not mean that they were gay.

            I remember this one time, one of my psychology teachers had said that she saw this one guy she hadn’t seen since college, and that had apparently he wanted to ask her out at the time, but never did. The reason had been because he thought she was gay, and apparently what gave that perception was because she and her female cousin were holding hands, and so immediately that came to mind. Also, because she was the really bold type, she told him ‘It’s called being Greek you moron!’

            Yeah, she was Greek, and she came from a really close knit family. And from what I knew, Greek families were super close knit, and always butted into your business if they were worried about you. Also, in Greek culture, it was apparently customary to hold hands with your friends, even if they were of the same sex as you. So yeah, cultures do differ, and some people are so closed minded, that they immediately start to make fun of you just because of something that is not commonly practiced in certain cultures. Yeah, that was the sad world we were all living in.

            “Wow” he laughed, after telling him the story of my Greek teacher.

            “Yeah, it was funny when she told us” I laughed too.

            “Well, I guess I really have nothing to be worried about. Some people are stupid, and prejudge you before actually knowing the situation.”

            “Yeah, it is” I ruffled his hair.

            “That felt good” he chuckled. “It felt almost like a therapeutic massage in my head.”

            “Then come here” he came and I started gently rubbing his head.

            “You’re actually good at this massage stuff.”

            “I took a class at school this one time. I was kind of considering being a massage therapist and so I learned the basics. But then again, music kind of took over and so I focused more on that.”

            “Well, it looks like you haven’t lost your touch.”

            I started massaging the back of his neck, and yeah, he was a little tense and could feel a tightness in his muscles.

            “So, are you down to go to the mall?” he asked, eyes closed as he relaxed.

            “Sure, what you want to do?”

            “I was thinking we could maybe have dinner, since my mom is staying at the office a little later.”

            And one of those reasons was because she and I discussed the media situation. Since she worked with lawyers, she knew the law very well, and since actresses Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified before the California State Assembly Committee in regards to passing a bill into law that would protect children of celebrities, both Carmen and I discussed the possibility of speaking to lawyers so that Mehmet could be protected by the prying lenses of the paparazzi. Since those photos of him and us at the hospital circulated tabloid sites, I became worried and decided that Mehmet did not have to suffer through these ordeals.

            Because he was still a minor, we figured that this law could also protect him, since he was still a minor and generally the paparazzi really should not be taking photos of underage kids without parental permission.

            “Ok, let’s go have dinner and then we’ll hang out and have some fun” I smiled.

            “Awesome” he chuckled.

            A few minutes late, we got ready and headed out the door.

            After having had dinner, and not being stalked by paparazzi, which was kind of surprising, and perhaps might have had something to do with Carmen’s connections into having this paparazzi issue resolved. I was having a good time with Mehmet, and decided to call the other lads to come and join us for a little stroll at the beach. The air was breezy enough that a nice walk at the beach at night was probably we all needed, to take a break from all the mad chaos flowing all around us because of this whole thing with Lulú.

            “So we’re heading to the beach then?”

          “Yes” I said. “The boys are actually not too far off from here, and we’re all gonna ride in my car together.”

            “Sounds cool.”

            My iPhone started to ring. I was Eduardo. Now, I was worried, because if he was contacting me, it was because of something really serious.


            “Is Mehmet there?”

            “Yes” I tried playing it cool. I unlocked the car and motioned for Mehmet to wait for me there. “What’s going on?” I asked, as soon as Mehmet was inside and out of earshot.

            “Listen, Lulú knows I’m alive and is after you and Mehmet!”

            “What?” I said a little too loudly.

            “You need to get the hell out…she’s in a rage and she knows you know everything. She’s gonna try and kill you and maybe eve Mehmet.”

            “Damn it!” I said, now scared for Mehmet. “Where is she now?”

            “I don’t know…but I went to the police and told them everything.”

            “So you exposed yourself further?” I wanted to scold.

            “I’m already exposed, and it’s only a matter of time before Lulú gets to you and Mehmet. Where are you guys at?”

            “We’re at the mall by Paseo.”

            “Ok, the police and I are on our way to you guys. We’re not far off.”

            I really did not know what to think. I had no idea what to do or how to even explain this situation to Mehmet. I also didn’t know how I was going to explain to him that his brother was still alive and breathing. Would he be mad at me and Harry? Since he apparently knew everything about Eduardo being alive.

            “Look, just stay there in your car. And if you see something suspicious, call nine-one-one!”

            I turned and almost wanted to yell, but I couldn’t, because Lulú was already here. She had a gun pointed at Mehmet’s neck. She motioned for me to hang up.

            “What’s going on?” asked a now worried Eduardo. I still didn’t answer. “Oh my god, is she there? Make a sound, any sound!”

            I cleared my throat, hoping it was a loud enough sound to alert Eduardo that we were in trouble. I hung up and dropped the phone to the ground.

            “Who was that?!” Lulú asked. “Tell me, or I will kill him!”

            Mehmet was really scared, and was crying.

            “It was no one!” I said.

            “It was Eduardo, wasn’t it?!”

            Mehmet, even though he was scared, he was shocked. To his knowledge, his brother had been killed in a shooting at the university he was attending.

            “Let the boy go. He has nothing to do with this!” I ordered.

            “Actually, he has everything to do with this. It’s because of him that everything I planned for myself got complicated. And I know you want to expose me, but that’s never going to happen, because I’m not going down for anything! I’m too smart to get caught!” she laughed.

            That’s what she thought, because the police were aware of her and her dealings. “I knew you were trouble since the first day I met you. And then you framed Mehmet for a crime he never committed.”

            “Well, that was a necessary thing to do, since he was messing up my plans!”

            “A child, you put a child in jail!” I yelled.

            “Oh please, as long as I get what I want, I don’t care if a baby suffers!” she again gave that evil laugh of hers.

            “You’re not going to get away with this! I will kill you and this runt, that way I can continue with my plans. And I will also do away with that Eduardo punk!”

            “No!” Mehmet cried.

            “I’m gonna make you watch as your ‘Zayn’s’ life is drained little by little!” she said, next to his ear.

            Mehmet started crying more, realizing that what was happening now, was a reality. I didn’t know what to do. Lulú was the one with the gun. She was in control.

            “Any last words before I kill you?!” she smiled evilly.

            I gritted my teeth in anger, I wanted to lung at her, but knew she would not hesitate to shoot Mehmet. She’d shot Eduardo without mercy, and I was sure that she would not hesitate to do the same to him.

            “Say goodbye!” she pointed the gun at me.

            I started to panic, unsure if I sure run. But I could not run and leave Mehmet here alone with this monster that Louis chose for a girlfriend.

            “NO!” Mehmet yelled in agony.

            Lulú started to pull the trigger, then the popping sound came, and the bullet hit me on the abdomen. I felt it go in me, feeling the pain of having my flesh getting torn by a bullet. I touched the wound as I stood there, unable to move. I saw blood on my hand and felt as something inside me got ripped apart. Lulú shot me again, and this time I fell to the ground.

             I could hear Mehmet crying in pain. I noticed blue and red lights, flashing over Lulú. My vision was fading in and out, and lied there as I felt the life getting drained out of me. I noticed police pointing their guns at Lulú, and when she was about to shoot Mehmet, they shot her, and saved the boy.

            Mehmet ran over to me and cried for me to hold on. I felt my vision going dark, and that was when I finally let go and gave in.

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