Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


43. To Early..

"Getting a drink" he smiled walking over to the cabinet full of cups. "Haha is it okay if I watch tv in the lounge?" I asked. "Yeah course" Liam chuckled grabbing a cup, then walking towards the sink.

I strolled down the hallway heading towards the lounge when I bumped into someone again. "Sorry" i yawned. "It's okay" I looked up to see Zayn. "Why you up so early?" I asked. "I'm going to have a fag you?" He smirked. "Woke up to early thinking it was 8 but it was 4" I chuckled, he nodded and walked passed me.

I got to the lounge and made myself comfortable. I grabbed the controller and turned the tv on, nothing was on apart from milkshake (kids program). I clicked that channel and began to watch it.

*2 hours later*

After watching another episode of noddy, everyone in the household started to wake up. I heard loud thuds from the stairs as well as footsteps along the landing. "Babe how long have you been up?" Niall popped his head round the door frame. "2 hours why?" I smiled. "That's really early,so your telling me you woke up at 4 and now it's 6" he groaned. "Yup" I laughed. He shook his head in disapproval and walked out.

Authors note:

Sorry about only updating 2 chapters, I was having such a good time on holiday that I kind of forgot!

~Mad xxx 💕

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