Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


46. Popcorn fight!

I walked back out to the lounge with a bolw of popcorn firm in my hands. "Finnaly!" Louis whined. "Sorry" I apologised setting the popcorn on the table. "What we watching?" I asked sitting by Niall. "Toy story" Zayn rolled his eyes. "Oh shut up" Liam laughed.

We all started to watch the movie until I started getting bored. I started to think what I could do then it popped into my mind, popcorn fight! I slowly moved my hand towards the bowl grabbing about a handful of popcorn. I brought it near Niall's face then... I smothered his face with popcorn.

He mouth made a perfect 'O' shape. "You did not just do that" he grinned. "Oh you better believe it!" I laughed jumping off the sofa. By now everyone was looking at us both deviously. "POPCORN FIGHT!!" Harry yelled grabbing a handful of popcorn and throwing it towards Louis. Louis soon chucks some back at him. "Girls" I whispered gesturing my hands for them to follow.

They came by me. "What?" Perry asked "let's grab a load of popcorn and throw it at them behind the sofa" I giggled. "Haha let's do it" Eleanor laughed grabbing some popcorn and retreating to the sofa. Me and perry did the same.

"Oh you want to play it like that then?" Niall smirked. "Come on then boys" he laughed turning towards the other sofa opposite us. Harry followed with a handful of popcorn. As so did Zayn, Liam and Louis.

"THREE....TWO......ONE" Zayn shouted signalling us to throw all the popcorn we had to each other. Me, perry and Eleanor started to get into it that was until perry went missing. "Where's perry?" I whispered to Eleanor. "I don't know?" She shrugged.

That's when we heard Zayn "haha I have perry if you want her come and get her!" He laughed. "Shit" I cursed under my breath. "Come on let's throw another load of popcorn?" Eleanor smirked. I nodded. "On the count of three" I whispered. "One...two...three!".

Me and Eleanor threw loads of popcorn violently to the boys hoping they would surrender. Again me and Eleanor got a bit carried away. That's when I noticed Eleanor was gone. *gulp*. "We have Eleanor I would surrender if I were you" Niall grinned. "NEVER" I shouted throwing a load of popcorn soon discovering I had none left. I heard footsteps coming closer towards me.

"Hello princess" Niall laughed standing In front of me. "Hey" I giggled. "Now are you gonna surrender?" I heared a voice from behind it was Harry. "Never!" I shouted again jumping over the couch running towards the kitchen.

"Charlotte" Niall whispered/yelled. "Come out come out where ever you are!" Harry laughed. They both walked into the kitchen surrounding me. "There's no escape now" Harry laughed.

"Oh but there is" I grinned scooting across the table and running back into the lounge. "Fuck" I heard Harry curse. They both walked in and slowly started walking closer to me. I took slow steps back until eventually my back hit the wall.

"Now your trapped do you surrender?" Niall asked. I didn't reply I gently kissed him on the lip slowly turning him round I now he was facing the wall. "No" I laughed running away again this time towards the bathroom. "You fucking tease" he yelled.

I heard loud bangs from the bathroom door. I slowly opened the door to see know one. I walked out the door only the to realise that they were eather sides of the door. Niall caught me "got cha" he smirked.

Authors note:

Haha I updated again because I felt like it but you know. Like fav and comment as usual

~Mad xxx💕

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