Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


3. Party!๐Ÿ˜†

I decided to where a hot pink dress which came up to my thighs and a pair of black high heels whith a binki underneath (as it was a pool party!). I applied mascara, blusher and lipstick. Suddenly I heard a horn beep from outside! Must be Niall? I grabbed my phone and walked outside. I opened the door to the car I plopped myself down on the seat and strapped myself in. "Ready babe?" He smirked. "Yup!" I smiled rolling my eyes. We arrived at his house and there Were loads of people running around and splashing water at each-other. I jumped out of the car. "Let's go!" He smiled taking my hand! I didn't want to hold his hand! He dragged me along to the side of the pool. He took his shirt off. OMG his six pack! Oh god what am I saying! Shut up Charlotte! I took my dress off to reveal my bright orange binki. He smirked at me. I bit my lower lip. He picked me up bridal style and chucked me into the pool. I went under the water then pushed myself off and I wiped my eyes! Niall then jumped in and stood next to me. He started to stair at my lips. The. Suddenly his lips met mine he bit my lower lip asking for his tongue to enter my mouth! I let him. Are tongues fort together! We pulled away and we started to breath simultaneously! "Charlotte will you do the honour of being my girlfriend?" He asked...

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