Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


44. Interview Part 1 ๐Ÿ’ซ

Soon everyone was, rushing around and doin what they needed to do. However I was still there watching milkshake.

"Charlotte babe?" Niall asked. "Yes?" I glanced my shoulder. "We have got an interview at the studio so do you want to stay here or like come with us?" He smiled. "Is Eleanor and perry going?" I questioned. "Yes" he nodded. "Okay I will come" I replied.

Niall walked out into the hallway, doing whatever he needed to do. I got up off the couch and made my way towards the kitchen to find Eleanor and perry there.

"Hey guys" I smiled. "Hey" they said in harmony. "When do we go?" I ask them. "In about 10 minuets and Louis still hasn't waken up" Eleanor huffed walking out the kitchen . "Woah what's up with here she seems pretty pissed off?" I laughed. "Yeah Louis starting to annoy her a bit" perry giggled. "Ahah oh right" I smiled jumping onto the counter.


We all arrived about 1 hour late due to louis sleeping late. "Come on" Eleanor whined holding Louis hand and basically dragging him out the car. "Haha let's go Niall" I giggled taking his hand and following Eleanor and Louis. Zayn and Perrier did the same. However Liam walked by himself with Harry.

All of us strolled into studio where the interview was taking place. "You must be one direction here for the interview?" A lady smiled. "Yeah" Liam nodded. "Follow me" she smiled. We all followed her to a small room where 2 people were sat on seats opposite us. "Please take a seat" one of them smiled pointing towards the other seats. "Okay I'm George and this is Beth" he introduced himself. We all nodded. "Okay let's get on with the interview" Beth laughed.

Authors note:

Sorry for the short chapter hope you like the update!

Mad xxx๐Ÿ’•

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