Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


40. Hospital

I woke up, staring at the white ceiling where was I? "Oh hello your awake?" a lady smiled hovering above me, I nodded my head slowly. She picked up a board at the end of the bed. "Okay so your names Charlotte and you have been in a coma for a week". "WHAT!?" I choked. "Honey calm down, there's someone here to see you" she smiled. I nodded still shocked.

Niall walked in with a tear stained face and puffy eyes, "Your awake are you okay?" he gave me a week smile. "Yeah im fine" I giggled. I had no cuts or bruises I just had a bad headache at the moment, i was connected to a load of wires which where hooked up to machines"wheres my mum?" i asked Niall steadily sitting up.

"She came yesterday to check on you shes really upset" he sighed lowering his head. "cheer up at least im not dead" i said grabbing his hand. "i guess, this is all my fault!" he sighed. "How?" i questioned, to be honest i had totally forgotten how i ended up in hospital.

"We all walked out of the restaurant and there were loads of paparazzi you started to get really claustrophobic then passed out and i wasn't looking after you properly" he gave me an apologetic smile and looked up. "It wasn't your fault!" i argued. "Yes it was Charlotte!" he argued back. I sighed knowing i wouldn't win the argument which was just beginning.

"When can i go home?" i huffed looking directly at him. "Dunno do you want me to find out?" he asked. "Yeah please" i mumbled. Niall walked out of the hospital room, soon returning with a doctor.

"Hello and you must be Charlotte the one who was in a coma?" the doctor asked picking the board at the end of my bed examining it. "Yes" i smiled. "Okay and you want to know when you can go home?" the doctor asked again. I nodded in agreement. "Well were hoping you can maybe leave in about... Ruffly 3 days?" he smiled slowly gesturing his had into a debating position. "Oh not any sooner?" i asked. "Sorry Charlotte the earliest we can let you go is in 3 days" he smiled.

*3 days later*

"You ready?" Niall asked picking up a piece of clothing and chucking it in the bag, which was soon placed on his shoulder. "Yup" i replied. "Lets go" he said taking my hand and leading me out of the hospital. We walked out to a black range rover where the rest of the boys where. I hopped in taking a seat by Louis while Niall followed. "So Charlotte how have you been?" they all asked.

Authors note:

i hope you enjoy this chapter this book will end soon but im hoping to make a squeal?what do you guys think? Remember to like, fav and comment as always :)

- Mad xxx

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