Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


4. HELP!๐Ÿ˜ฐ

"Yes!" I replied. Oh god Charlotte what have you just said! Uh oh! Niall grabbed my hips pulling him closer to me in the water. I lightly wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me again, but this time he was more passionate than before. I pulled away. "You okay?" He asked. "Yeah just a bit cold can we get out this swimming pool?" I sighed. He nodded and helped me out. I grabbed my dress and heels and he grabbed his top then we both walked in together. "I'm going to get us a drink!" He said and walked off. Suddenly, a hand was put by my mouth and I was dragged upstairs! I tried to call out for help but it came out as muffles. I was pushed into a room and the person locked the door. "Hey princess" the mysterious person said. "Who are you?" I snapped. "Can't you remember?" The voice chuckled. "No!" I shouted. "No need to shout it's me jake!" He said. I was pushed against the wall and jake smashed his lips on mine I couldn't move. He pulled away "NIALL!!!!" I screamed. "HELP NIALL!" I screamed again tears running down my face! There was loud banning from the door! "Babe are you in there?" Niall called banging the door. "HELP NIALL!!!" I screamed again. Jake tried to stop my screaming by putting his hand over my mouth again! The door flew open and Niall walked in. "Get off her!" Niall gritted his teeth. Jake let go of me and I ran outside crying I rang my phone (which was in my dress which had a pocket! "Mum can you pick me up?" I asked. "Yes sweetie where are you?" She replied. "Niall's house he had a pool party!" I said. "Okay I will be there in a minuet!" She said and I hung up. Before I new it she arrived I grabbed everything and hopped in. We drove back home

*skip the car ride*

We arrived back home I went upstairs and got into bed and fell asleep. I woke up forgetting we had school again. I wiped my make up off and put some more on. I straightened my hair as usual. I grabbed my bag and started walking to school. Niall came up to me with blood all over his face! It must have been from last night. "What happened?" I asked. "Jake happened" he replied not even looking at me! "Did he get hurt?" I asked. He walked up to me so at this point my back was against the wall "WHY ARE YOU SO CONCERNED ABOUT HIM???" He shouted. I was so scared right now because he could do anything! "I-I a-m n-o-t" I stuttered. "WELL YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE!" He shouted pushing my back more against the wall and it started to hurt me. "Ow" I cried. Tears were streaming down my face. Suddenly Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn came up to us. "Niall your hurting her!" Liam said. "Niall let go" Louis said pulling Niall off me. I looked at him and ran off.

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