Bad Ass Boy

WARNING: I wrote this book a while ago when writing skills were terrible. But since then my writings improved. But this is a quick warning to say this book won't be brilliant writing skill wise.

Charlotte is loved by the bad boy Niall. He does things to her which she doesn't like what's going to happen read to find out! ©


39. Evening Meal

Later on that day mum dropped off my clothes makeup etc. All the boys were getting ready to go out, Liam walked threw the hallway shirtless asking where his top was. Then you had harry walking in his boxers asking where his black skinny jeans had gone. Louis was actually ready, unlike zayn who had just woken up from his slumber.

I jogged upstairs into the bathroom, to get ready, I hopped into baby blue dress applied a bit of make up and I was ready!

I walked down stairs to see everyone waiting for me at the bottom. "wow you look-" Louis was interrupted by Niall "Gorgeous!" he smirked. I giggled a little bit "you don't look to bad yourself you lot" I laughed. They all started to laugh until zayn stopped us "we need to go, I need to meet Perry" zayn whined impatiently. "come on" Niall chuckled placing his arm around my shoulder and leading me out the flat!

Shortly everyone followed behind us, we walked out to a black range rover we all hopped in an drived to the restraunt. I strapped myself in, "so?" niall smiled. "what?" I giggled. "Well whats gonna happen to us?" he asked. "what do you meen?" I laughed complete confused by his question. "well we both like each other so why don't we go out?" he smiled. "well if I gave you another chance you wouldn't ruin it?" I smirked. "No I swear I will treat you right!" he exclaimed. "all right Horan you have one chance but blow it and I will go mad!" I grinned lightly smacking his arm. "Thanks babe" he pecked my cheek. I blushed then smiled to myself, its great to have him back but I pray he wont blow It.

we arrived at the restraunt hurrying inside to meet Louis, Liam, zany's girlfriends. lima ran straight up to his girlfriend and gave here a massive hug and kiss, Louis did the same. However zayn decided to give Perry a fall on snog. "hey this is charlotte" Niall introduced me. "Hey im Danielle, this is Eleanor and Perry" she giggle pointing to them both. "Hey" I smiled. "So are you like here as just a friend or?" Perry smirked looking up at Niall then back at me.

"Well charlotte here is my girlfriend" Niall chuckled wrapping his hand around my waist. "WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??" Harry asked shocked. "He asked me in the car on the way here" I giggled blushing. "Aww that's so cute!" Eleanor commented. "Yeah you two are like made for each other!" Perry exclaimed. Danielle nodded her head in agreement! Aww I definitely know im going to be great friends with theses guys.

"Hey can I help?" a lady asked us. "Oh yeah were here for a meal table for 9? booked by one direction?" Liam smiled. "Oh yes right this way" she smiled motioning us to follow her. We kept on following her until we reached a 9 seater booth for all of us to sit. We all sat down sitting each sitting next to are boyfriends. "What would you like to drink?" the women asked us. "red whine" Eleanor replied. "Yeah same as her" Louis smiled. "Beer for me" Niall smirked. "Vodka and coke please" I grinned. The women nodded. "can me and Perry have....cider?" zayn asked. "Sure is that it?" she asked. "No um can me and Danielle have white whine?" Liam interrupted. "okay and that's it?" she smiled. We all nodded and she walked off.

We all started chatting until we heard screaming from outside. "oh great" Niall muttered. "what is it?" I asked confused. "There are probably screaming fans outside waiting for us as well as paparazzi" he mumbled. "Oh don't let that ruin the meal" Eleanor chuckled. I nodded my head in agreement. Shortly after, are drinks arrived and very often I would take a sip from mine. The restraunt we were at was a buffet so we could go up anytime we wanted and get food. 

"Im going to get some food" I smiled taking my plate and getting up. "Same here" Danielle joined me. We both walked up together to the buffet. "So how did you get to know niall?" she asked me pilling some food onto her plate. "School" I smiled getting some food for myself.

We both walked back and sat down eating what we had.

*Later on that evening*

"Lets go home" harry yawned getting up. "Yeah okay" we all agreed getting up and making are way out the restraunt. Suddenly I felt a wave of flashes surrounding us. Niall grabbed my hand and led me threw the crowd. It was to much for me I felt so claustrophobic, that's when I passed out.

Authors note:

Hey, I decided to write a long chapter for you guys because I keep writing short chapter so I hope you like this chapter.

Mad xxx

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