The greek gods are alive and kicking

When Carlisle stumbles across the boundary line of camp half blood her life is changed forever and it can never go back.


1. intro

Breath, keep breathing, in, out, in, out. Keep running, you have got to keep moving. These were the words running through my head as I stumbled up the hill. The beating of my heat and the roaring of my blood was louder than the twigs that were snapping under my feet. Get to the arch, past the tree she said, past the tree. To the place that was supposed to protect me. Were Georgie said I would be safe. A places where these things, three monsters wouldn't harm me. Then I saw it. The tree that my friend turned satyr had spoken of. I looked back for a split second to see her bounding up the hill after me along with the monster that had been pursuing us since we drove here. I stumbled over the boundary line just as the monster caught up to me. The black smoke and fire was smothered against an invisible barrier. Until it disappeared almost into the earth. Then I blacked out.

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