How To Get a Boy To Like You

Liliana Carlarda is the prettiest girl in class and every boy loves her. But when a new boy named James Johnson enters their school everybody falls for him including Liliana. But when James falls for the ugliest girl in class, Arlina, Liliana does everything she can for James to fall for her. Will Liliana succeed with the boy of her dreams or will James be attched with Arlina forever?


1. The New Boy

  I walk through the crowded halls of Lerino High. Every boy stares at me, mouths wide open, wide enough for me to stuff a golf ball in their mouths, and with eyes wide open like saucers.

"H-h-hey!" Henry shakily stammers.

"Hello!" I wave back.

"Hey! Liliana!" Cries a voice behind me. "Wait up!" I look behind and I grin.

"Hey Carol!" I say. "Oh my gosh!! I love your outfit!" Cries Carol. I look down at my pink blouse and sky blue shorts.

"It's just plain, but thank you anyways!" I say. The bell rings and we both run to class.

"Hello class." Says the boringest teacher of all times, Mr. Tuller. "We have a new student here to join our class today, and his name is James Johnson."

The door opens and the hottest boy in the whole entire univers walks into the classroom. All the girls scream.

"Hey." He waves at us. "Wanna play dodgeball with us?" Blurts out Riley Alverson. "Sure." He says lighting up.

Then his eyes lands on Arlina, the ugliest girl in class. His eyes seemed to sparkle when they landed on her.

"Bonjour." He says pulling out roses out of his backpack and handing it to her.

"Me?" Arlina nervously asks.

"Yeah you." He smiles.

 "No." I say. "No, no, no, no, no!!!" I run up to the front of the class and I grab the flowers out of his hands.

"What the?!?!" He cries as he grabs the roses from my hands.

"These are not for you!" He says as he hands it to Arlina.

"I'm the hottest girl in the whole entire school! You can't like her!!! Like ME!!!!!" I yell.

"Detention young lady." Mr. Tiller says pointing at the door.

"No! That can't be!!" I cry. "Go or you'll be suspended!!!!" He cries.

I groan as I walk out the door. My parents are gonna kill me I think. But biggest of all James doesn't love me. He loves Arline!!! I'll soon have James all to myself I think. All to myself........... Or so I thought.......

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