How To Get a Boy To Like You

Liliana Carlarda is the prettiest girl in class and every boy loves her. But when a new boy named James Johnson enters their school everybody falls for him including Liliana. But when James falls for the ugliest girl in class, Arlina, Liliana does everything she can for James to fall for her. Will Liliana succeed with the boy of her dreams or will James be attched with Arlina forever?


4. The Kiss

"Today is national hug and kiss day. Dis you know that?" Carol (prefers to be called 'the nerd') asks me as we walk to school. "No I didn't know that." I say lighting up. "You know what that means!" I say lifting up my eyebrows as we walk upstairs. "What?!?! Oooooohhhhhhh." She says. "Oh look there's James!" She says pointing to him. "Take a picture for me, please!!!!" I say handing my phone to Carol. I walk up to James and I pull his collar and I kiss him. On the lips. I spotted Arlina in the corner of my eye on the verge of tears. Then I hug James and I kiss him once more. Then I push him away from me. "Gross!!!!" He cries wiping his mouth in his sweater. Everyone starts to laugh at him. Then he runs down stairs to the office. "I took thirteen pictures." Says Carol handing my phone back to me. "Thanks." I say and I put my phone in my back pack. "Can I have Liliana please?" Principal Perry asks on the intercom. I run downstairs to Principal Perry's office. "Detention AGAIN!!!!! I love giving detentions! Especially you!!!" She says laughing. "This time you'll have to clean my toilet. It's full of my cat's buisness in there!!!" She laughs. She hands me a small sponge a she pushes me into her bathroom. There she locks me in. One sniff and I know I'm going to die. As fast as I can I scrub the cat turd off the sides of the toilet which took me forever. But it was only an hour. "Done!" I grunt and she opens the doors. "Thanks. Now go." She says pushing me out of her office. At least that wasn't that bad as last time's detention. But I still wouldn't give up in him.

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