How To Get a Boy To Like You

Liliana Carlarda is the prettiest girl in class and every boy loves her. But when a new boy named James Johnson enters their school everybody falls for him including Liliana. But when James falls for the ugliest girl in class, Arlina, Liliana does everything she can for James to fall for her. Will Liliana succeed with the boy of her dreams or will James be attched with Arlina forever?


3. My Scientific Plan Turns Out To Be A Disaster

The next day Carol ran up to me and asked, "What happened yesterday?" "You do not want to know." I mumble as we walked to science class. "Today," began Mrs. Lee. "We will making a volcano today so pick your partners." I run up to James and I grab his hand. "You're mine." I say giving him a sassy look. "Ugh...." He whines. Carol knew what I was up to so she ran up to Arlina and she took her hand. "Friends!!!" Carol says in a singsong voice. "You can get started in your volcano." Mrs. Lee says. "Here. I'll help you I say picking up the vinegar. "I can do this, MYSELF." He snaps as he pours down the baking soda. "I can help!!"I cry twisting the cap of the vinegar. "NO!" He snaps as he grabs the vinegar from my hands not realizing it had no cap. He dropped the whole vinegar bottle in our volcano and the whole thing exploded leaving a smelly vinegar and baking soda scent around the room. Everyone was dripping with vinegar and baking soda, especially James and me. "She did it!" He cried pointing at me. "You tattle tail." I mutter under my breath. "Meet me before recess." Mrs. Lee says. Before recess is social studies. So I got to skip social studies just to clean myself up. After cleaning my self up I walked over to Mrs. Lee's classroom. "Hello." She says. "Sorry for while ago." I say looking down. "I saw what happened. It's not your fault. You were trying to offer help but he refused to you rudely. I actually know you like him." She smiles. I quickly look up. "What?!?!?!?!" I cry. "By the looks of it." "Please don't tell ANYBODY!!!! As in anybody!!!!" I cry.
"Don't worry!" She says. "The secret is safe with me." She makes a 'zipping her mouth close' gesture to me and I smile. Then I think of the best idea ever. "Can I make something here?" I ask. "Of course she replies. "I'll come back." I run to James's locker an I open it. (I know his password!) I open his lunch pail and I take his water bottle out. I run to the girls' bathroom and I empty the bottle. I run back to Mrs. Lee's classroom and I take my phone out. "Love potion." I whisper to myself. I quickly gather everything and I pour everything into the bottle. "Thanks Mrs. Lee!" I wave and I run out of the room. I return the bottle into his lunchpail and I enter Mr. Long's math class. After that is PE with Coach Cure and after that is lunch. I sit at a table next to James's. "What's are you staring at?" Asks Carol as I stare at James take out his bottle and drink from it. "Nothing." I reply. Then he throws up. He spills the water bottle and the clear liquid 'potion' I made spills out. James stands up and he runs to the office leaving puke behind. Then the janitor comes over to clean up the mess. "Well that didn't turn out to be good." I mumble. "What did you say?" Carol asks. "Nothing." I reply chuckling to myself. "Nothing."

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