How To Get a Boy To Like You

Liliana Carlarda is the prettiest girl in class and every boy loves her. But when a new boy named James Johnson enters their school everybody falls for him including Liliana. But when James falls for the ugliest girl in class, Arlina, Liliana does everything she can for James to fall for her. Will Liliana succeed with the boy of her dreams or will James be attched with Arlina forever?


5. Easter Disaster (this is an Easter special. Hope you like it!!!)

"Rrrrrriiiiinnnngggg!!!!" Rings the alarm clock. I groan as I throw off my covers. "Liliana!!!" Says my annoying four year old sister, Cassie, as she runs into my room. "It's Easter!!!!" "Eh?" I grunt scratching my head. "Easter egg hunt at twelve o clock!!!!!" Cassie cried waving her hands in the air. I look at my clock. "Oh shit!!!!!" I cry accidentally cussing in front of Cassie. It's eleven thirty thirty. Last night I set my clock at more minutes and the Easter egg town hunt will begin in the park. "What does 'shit' mean?" Cassie asks. "Uhhh....." I stammer. My parents are gonna kill me if they find out about me cussing. "It means candy and marshmallows?" I shrug fake smiling. "I can't wait to eat shit!!!!" Cassie cries as she runs out if my room. I quickly change an I run downstairs. I run into the kitchen and I shove two pancakes into my mouth and I run back upstairs. I run into the bathroom an I look at the clock. Eleven forty five. I quickly brush my teeth and I run back into my room. I grab my Easter egg basket and I run downstairs. "Bye mom!" I say waving. "Don't forget-" I didn't get to hear what Mom said so I ran faster because I saw her step out of the house. I soon arrived at Daisy Park. I spotted Carol, Arlina, and James. I also saw Cee Cee the texting queen. In every single class she texts the whole time and I've never seen her without her phone before. I also spot random people I don't know. I look at my watch. Eleven fifty nine. Right on time. "The hunt has begun!" Yells a man. We madly run everywhere. I look behind the slide and I see two eggs. I snatch it and I run behind a tree. There I found five eggs. I ran everywhere and everywhere I go I find eggs. "Stop!!!!" Cries the man. "Count all your eggs." I got thirty five in total. "Hey Carol." I say as she finishes counting her eggs. She's the smartest girl in class and she's in a band.  "I got fifteen." She says. "Go up to Arlina and take a handful of eggs." I demand. "But she only has five." Says Carol. "I said so. I thought you were my friend." I whine. "Fine." Carol says. She sneaks up to Arlina and she takes two eggs. "Hey!!!" Arlina says pointing at Carol. "She took my eggs!!!" "You!" The man said pointing at Carol. "You're disqualified! Give all your eggs to her and leave. Carol hands all her eggs to Arlina and Carol leaves the park. "Carol!!!" I hiss. "What?" She says walking over to me. "Leave or I'll call your parents!!!" Cries the man. Carol is on verge of tears. She runs away. The winner is James with thirty six eggs. Just one more egg than mine. I was about to leave the park until I stepped on something. I look down and gasp. It's Carol's phone and she should've dropped it. I pick up her phone and sine she had no password I went into it. I go into messages and I gasp. She has James's number!!! I text him this: 'Hey James!!! I love you cuz you are sexy. Kick Arlina's butt for me cuz she sucks. Kiss me cuz I'm hot. -L' I texted what I felt was right. I ran to Carol's house and I knocked on the door. "Hey Carol!" I say as Carol opens the door. "What?" She says annoyed. "You forgot your phone." I hand her phone over and I leave her house.~~~ At seven o clock my phone rang. Carol was on the phone crying. "James came over to my house and showed me a text on his phone that he got this afternoon. I didn't text that. It was probably you."  "Why me?" I ask. Then Carol sends me a message. It said what I exactly texted and it had the initial 'L.' I forgot I put the L there so it gave it away. Then my parents barge into me room with red faces. "Carole's parents told me what happened about today." My Dad says. "And I can't believe you said shit!!" My mom says. "You're grounded for two months!" My Dad says. I can't even believe it. I can't survive a day without my phone. "Please! Mom, Dad!!!" I cry. But they left the room. I'm gonna kill Carol. I swear I will.

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