How To Get a Boy To Like You

Liliana Carlarda is the prettiest girl in class and every boy loves her. But when a new boy named James Johnson enters their school everybody falls for him including Liliana. But when James falls for the ugliest girl in class, Arlina, Liliana does everything she can for James to fall for her. Will Liliana succeed with the boy of her dreams or will James be attched with Arlina forever?


2. Detention

"So what did you do right now?" asks Principal Perry.

"I pressured the new boy and went cocoo." I angrily mumble.

"Okay. And why?" She asks. "Uh...... I.... Errrr." I stammer. 

"Spit it out!" She snaps. "Fine! I'm the prettiest girl in class!!! Everyone loves me!! So James should've loved me! But NOOO! He fell for Arlina! The ugliest girl in class!!!" I scream.

"Greedy little brat." I hear Principal Perry say under her breath. She's my least favorite student in the whole entire high school. "I'm calling your parents." She smirks. She picks up the phone and dials my dad's number. She always calls my dad because he's the one who gets me grounded and other disciplines.

"Hello Donald." She smirks. "Your daughter here is causing trouble." She chuckles. I groan. "WHAT?!?!?!" I hear him yell through the phone. "She'll get a detention from me!" She says enjoying her conversation. I hear my dad slam down the phone.

Then Principal Perry looks at me.

"For your detention you'll have to clean my feet!" She laughs. That's the worse detention ever! I repeat. EVER!!!!! She has toe fungus!!!!! I have to clean the fungus off. BLAH!!!!! I groan.

"Don't groan, little girlie!!! You're the one who caused the trouble!!!" She laughs. She's right. I caused it so I have a discipline.

So after school I walk over to Principal Perry's office.

"Here girlie!!!" She laughs as she hands me a cloth. She takes off her shoes and she lays her feet on the table. The room starts to smell of feet. I take one look of her feet and I scream. One half of her feet is  greenish brown.

"Wippie, wippie, girlie!" She cackles. It took me three hours to finish cleaning off the fungus. Yuck!!!!! Well I learned my lesson and I'll never EVER do that again. But I'll still get James. I need James. Even if he doesn't want to like me I'll make him.

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