How To Get a Boy To Like You

Liliana Carlarda is the prettiest girl in class and every boy loves her. But when a new boy named James Johnson enters their school everybody falls for him including Liliana. But when James falls for the ugliest girl in class, Arlina, Liliana does everything she can for James to fall for her. Will Liliana succeed with the boy of her dreams or will James be attched with Arlina forever?


6. Carol's Detention

The next day of school was really bad. Carol wouldn't talk to me so I planned a revenge. I'd make her cuss in front of a teacher. "What's the answer to a+b?" Asks Mr. Stanely. Carol raises her hand. I lean over to her and I whisper f***. "F***?" Carol asks." Carol detention!" Mr. Stanely says pointing to the door. Carol starts to cry.~~~ Before lunch started Carol was back. She gave me a glare and a really hard punch every time she saw me. I don't care. She's not pretty anyways. Well maybe tomorrow would be better. ~~~ The next day she started to talk to me again which was good. "Tomorrow is the prom!!!" She excitedly says. "I know!!!" I say. "I'm with James!" "Peter." She says. Peter is a REALLY nice person and Carol and Peter are SUPER close friends. Like boyfriends and girlfriends. During classes I always see James staring at me. Does he like me???? Well I'll find out tomorrow.~~~ After school I went to the mall to buy a dress. I bought a pink knee high leveled dress with white flats to go with it. I just can't wait for tomorrow night.

Sorry for this suckish chapter!!! This story is almost done. I hope you love this story!!!

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