Side Of The Road

You can go from the school outcast to a life saver in a matter of minutes.
You can go from a dangerous gangster to someone that needs help in the same amount of time.
And, stuff happens. Ziam Fanfic.


7. Chapter 7

This chapter is dedicated to @louislover !(: 

"That was sick man." I say to Niall as we walk out of the theatre. "Megan Fox though" Niall says and blushes. I chuckle and poke at his pink cheek. I like Niall because we've only known each other for a little while but he's so friendly so he's just like a friend that I haven't seen in a few years. "So you have any friends from back home?" I ask Niall. "Nah, nobody really liked me" he says cooly. "You?" He asks. "A mate named Harry but that's about it." I offer. "Ah cool." Niall says. We walk out of the movie theatre and tease each other and push each other joking about. "I needed this, thanks mate" I say to Niall which indeed I really did need this, just a little fun in my boring, uninteresting life. "No problem mate, we can do this more often if you like" he offers and I nod in approval. We split down the car park me heading off to my car and him heading off to his. 

When I arrive home mum is sitting at the counter. "Hey mum" I say and kiss her cheek. "Hello love how was your day, did you visit that boy?" She asks. "My day was fine, school and stuff as usual and then yeah I did visits him and I guess he's fine... I'm not all that sure because he cut the conversation off quick, like I don't know if it's a pride thing that he doesn't want anyone to see him in a hospital bed or he just really didn't wanna talk to me. I'll text him later though. And after that I went to a film with a friend from school"
 'that was a mouth full' I think to myself. 
"I'm glad you got to see him today. Who's this friend?" She asks. "His name is Niall, an Irishman, same grade as me, sort of same situation with why he's here too" I say, pointing at the ground when I say 'here' but not literally meaning here. "I see, well that's nice, just a friend though right?" She asks behind a smile. My cheeks flush and i say "yes mum just a friend, he fancies girls, and I'm not really interested right now in anyone" I lie. "But if you did find that special guy you would bring 'em 'ere yeah?" She asks. "Yes mum" I say still flushed. "Night" I say to her and take the stairs two at a time. Once I get upstairs I check my phone and there's a message from Louis. "Hey man, how's Zayner?" The message says. 
"He's fine, didn't wanna see me much and sent me out after about two minutes" I text back.  I throw my phone on my bed and change and by time I am done changing into pyjamas his response is back. "Sorry he's a douche sometimes, he is nice sometimes I promise" he texts back. "I've heard that before, do you think he'd want to like be friends after he gets better?" I text back. Niall also said he was a douche sometimes, and it really should bother me but it doesn't. "You're a level headed lad so I'm sure he'll like you" Louis says, and that sort of enlightens me. "There's a kid at school... Niall, and he said me and Zayn had a lot in common. Do you think that he's right?" I text back. "As long as you can watch The Avengers four times in one day and you can name at least three of Picasso's pieces then you're good" he says, and I smile at the first one and frown at the second one... He did quote hamlet by heart the other day in school, he seems pretty artistic I guess. "Thanks mate, goodnight" I text back to him. And then I make one more message "can we be friends?" And I surprise myself by hitting send, I usually wouldn't say anything like that. The response comes back short and sweet "why not? x" 

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