Side Of The Road

You can go from the school outcast to a life saver in a matter of minutes.
You can go from a dangerous gangster to someone that needs help in the same amount of time.
And, stuff happens. Ziam Fanfic.


5. Chapter 5

"Should I go?" I ask Louis, "nah mate you can stay, he'd probably want to thank you personally for saving his life" he says. So Me and Louis sit in the waiting room, Louis biting his nails and nervously tapping his leg. Louis then pulls out his phone and I sit there and think about Zayn. I saw him yesterday with the lot of gangster looking blokes, "hey uh Louis, Zayn always hangs out with the like gangster blokes of what I've noticed, so maybe they are the ones that beat him up and all?" 

Louis gives me a surprised look and raises his eyebrow "yeah I suppose so, I'll check up on that" and he pulls up his phone again, and moments later inhales a breath of surprise, and then hands me his iPhone. On the screen is a twitter account, the caption says "I'm putting an S.O.S. on @ZaynJMalik . left his rebellious ass on the side of the road and someone picked him up." And then it has an attachment of a picture of Zayn Laying in the road where I found him, and as I scroll through the recent tweets it's all about shooting and killing Zayn and how he's out of the Gang. I hand Louis back the phone and I put my face in my hands and sigh. "No offence mate but you obviously can't protect Zayn all by yourself, if you ever need my help or someone to talk to, just like text me or whatever." And he nods and hands me his phone on the new contact page and I fill it out and handed it back to him. "Thanks" he says. We sit for awhile, and just to have conversation I ask him "so how do you know Zayn?" And he smiles at me a kind smile and says "well, we are neighbours, but he was like the outcast in school so I am naturally drawn to outcasts I guess, so that's where I found him." He says simply. "Cool, yeah I just got to this school so I don't know anyone yet." I say to him and before I finish my sentence my phone starts ringing and it's my mum 

"Liam honey where are you?" 

"Something came up, but I'll be home soon if you want" 

"Yeah Hun please come home soon" 

"Ok" I say to her and hang up, "I gotta go, if you want me to stop by tomorrow I can" I offer Louis 

"Yeah that'd be great cause I have to go to a play for my little sisters tomorrow, if you could come and tell him what happened that'd be great." He says 

"Ok well see you at school tomorrow hopefully" I say to him and get up. 

"Yeah for sure mate" he says, and I put my hand out and wave goodbye to him and I begin walking out of the hospital to go home. When I get close I start to jog, and I pull the handle on the door to see if it's locked and it's not so I go inside and my mum is sitting at the counter 

"Where have you been I thought you were going for a run?" She asks, looking worried more than mad 

"I was running yeah but then I saw this person laying in the road all beaten up and bloody and it ended up being a boy from school and I took his phone out if his pocket and called the first contact in favourites and it was his mate Louis who also goes to the same school, so I helped Louis pick him up and get him to the hospital and we waited in the waiting room for awhile but then you called and now I'm here" 

"Oh love, you're such a sweetheart. You did the right thing, thank you." She says and embraces me in a hug, and then I say "yeah and Louis has something to do tomorrow so he asked me to visit Zayn tomorrow" 

"That's a beautiful name. Yes you can go see him right after school okay? And if you'd like to take my car feel free" she says and points to the key hook with her car keys on it. 

"Okay thanks mum, I'll do that." 

"Well again I have a lot of unpacking to do and summat so I'll be in the dining room if you've got nothing better to do." She says to me as I am walking away 

"Okay" I say back to her over my shoulder and head up the stairs. 

My phone vibrates and it's a text from an unknown number 

"Wey hey! It's Niall from school! How are you?" 
The text says 

"Hey Niall I'm fine, very bored though :P" 
I text back to him 

"Yeah same... Want to do something tomorrow night like for a movie or sumthin?"
His text came back a few minutes later 

"Yeah sure, after school I have something but maybe like six thirty?" 
I send back to him, and change my clothes quickly and fall on my bed, what a weird day. 

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