Side Of The Road

You can go from the school outcast to a life saver in a matter of minutes.
You can go from a dangerous gangster to someone that needs help in the same amount of time.
And, stuff happens. Ziam Fanfic.


4. Chapter 4

I grab my headphones and I grab my running shorts and shoes and a regular tank top, and I say bye to my mum and I go out the door. I go left because the town and shoppes are that way, I run for about fifteen minutes and I find a small family shoppe with the basic over the counter medicines and candies and small drinks. I keep going and there's different small clothing shoppes and a skate park, but the town isn't all that bad. I check my phone and I've been running for about an hour, so I decide to run back home. As I'm running I see a big black car, and it's driving really fast down the other side of the road. It's kind of curious how they are driving fast but I don't put too much thought I to it. Not until I see a body laying on the other side of the road. I run over to the person and guess who it is. It's the mysterious boy from school, but right now, he looks a lot less mysterious and a lot more innocent and in much pain, he looks half dead honestly, all bloody and laying on the ground, unable to move. "Do you need help? What can I do for you?" I ask him and I get down on my knees so I can get closer to him "yea...h" and then he blacks out. "Great" I say in sarcasm. I feel kind of weird but I go in his jeans pocket and find a iPhone, and I pray there's no passcode lock, and there isn't. I open contacts and I go to favourites and the first contact says "dickhead" and it's got a picture of a kid, probably my age, and so I click it and it rings "hey Zayn! Mate how are you?!?" A loud but happy and cheery voice says over the phone. Okay his name is Zayn. "This isn't Zayn, my name is Liam, and I'm afraid you're mate Zayn here isn't well, I found him on the side of the road beat up and bloody, he just passed out, so if you could come here and maybe help, were on 4th and Jackson street" I say and I don't even hear the kid hang up, but by the sound of it, I think this kid is his best friend. Best friends call each other mean things like "dickhead" but they are being sarcastic and the other friend obviously knows that. And the fact that he is in his favourites and on the top of the list means something. I put the phone back in.. Zayn's pocket, and I stare at him for awhile, it's kind of creepy, but he is beautiful even when he's bloody and beat up. I feel bad for him, and I don't know what to do so I just pick him up, he looks really uncomfortable on the ground. A red sports car comes driving up, hardly going the speed limit, and it stops right in front of me. A shorter boy but my age gets out of the car, normal looking lad, fringe, beanie, hoodie and toms, and he comes rushing over to me "you're the new kid in school right...Liam?" He asks "yeah that's me. So, where's the nearest hospital?" I ask and he looks down at Zayn "like three miles away, let's go" he waves me over as he is running to the car, and it's sort of awkward cause I don't really know Zayn but it's not like Zayn's friend could pick him up and carry him, so I accompany them to the hospital. "Do you know what happened?" His friend asks me, looking at me through the rear view mirror "not really, I saw a black car driving fast away from where he was thrown on the ground, and then I found him and asked him if he wanted help and he said yeah and then he blacked out." I say to him, trying to keep eye contact with him and trying not to stare at the beautiful boy that I'm holding. "Okay. Oh and my names Louis" he says and then continues "thanks for carrying him and all that, I can't lie, you're fit, and I'd never be able to carry him, he's like three times the size of me" he says. I honestly don't think I'm fit and all but I accept the compliment with a slight nod. Zayn shuffles a bit in my arms and opens his eyes for a second and says "where am I..? Liam...?" And then he passes out again. He knows my name? This is all so weird. We pull up to the hospital and I carry Zayn in to the emergency care, and Louis talks to the ladies and doctors before I'm laying him gently down on a stretcher and they are rolling him to a room, and I take a last glance at the boy, he probably won't ever remember this, and even if Louis tells him, he probably won't pay much attention to me cause we are very different, but I'll never forget helping the beautiful boy on the side of the road.

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