Side Of The Road

You can go from the school outcast to a life saver in a matter of minutes.
You can go from a dangerous gangster to someone that needs help in the same amount of time.
And, stuff happens. Ziam Fanfic.


3. Chapter 3

The bus ride is boring and loud, and that stupid boy is in my head. I haven't even talked to him and I already fancy him. The bus pulls up to my stop and I get off and get home before anyone tries to talk to me. I get my key out and open the door, mum isn't home yet so I start to make dinner for her and I. I look in the cabinets and I see Alfredo noodles and fettuccine sauce, I am so glad she went shopping. I check in the freezer for chicken and unfortunately it's raw, so I have to cook, season, and slice the chicken. Oh well. I grab my phone and the dock in the kitchen and hit shuffle. For The First Time by The Script comes on, and I begin dinner. I did lacrosse in middle school otherwise I was in the house all day playing video games or learning how to cook from my mum or dad. I make dinner and my mum comes home and she smiles at me and says "thank you Liam for making dinner, I'm so proud that my son knows how too cook" and sits down, throwing all her bags down and relaxes. I put dinner in front of her and her eyes are closed, and like every time I cook dinner she inhales and smells and guesses. "Fettuccine Alfredo...with a little chicken, Garlic, and bay leaves?" She asks "yeah you got it" I say and sit down with my plate. "Honey, you've got two noodles on your plate, how do you expect to survive eating almost nothing?" She asks, and I never realised how little I eat. I just, I got picked on when I was in grade school, so it's kind of habit to be insecure, and I run and work out so I'm fit. I don't really like my body, but I try to take care if myself "just not too hungry" I say. She nods and finishes her food, and gets up and says "Hun I've got loads of work and stuff so I'll have to go do that. Love you" she says and walks away with papers. I walk to the living room and look through the movies box. Iron man. Batman. Spider man. I have a selection of super hero movies and I feel kind of nerdy but whatever. Batman sounds good, so I put that in and sit down on the couch and relax. I only get half way through the movie till I think back to school and I think about that boy. I get an idea and I run up to my room and get my laptop, and I open the Facebook page of our school and I look through all the kids that are following it, but the mysterious boy who can quote hamlet doesn't appear. I put my laptop Down and return to iron man. I think about the song Secrets by OneRepublic and I agree again with the lyrics about my life being boring. I really need something to do. I go back upstairs and I find my laptop, and I pull up a website for activities and sports the city that we moved to provides. Skateboarding classes, golfing classes, chess classes, different musical instruments. I see all the little shoppes and small family stores and I decide to go for a run.
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