Side Of The Road

You can go from the school outcast to a life saver in a matter of minutes.
You can go from a dangerous gangster to someone that needs help in the same amount of time.
And, stuff happens. Ziam Fanfic.


1. Chapter 1

I was always ignored at my school, just cause I was never like the other kids. I'm 17, I live at my parents house, but they're getting divorced so my mum is moving, which means I'm changing schools. It doesn't really bother me, it's not like I'm leaving any friends behind. 

I pack the last of my clothes box, and that's it. I look around my small room, I only have two boxes left. I grab the clothes box that I just packed and I grab the other box that has random stuff in it and I carry them downstairs. My mum is in the kitchen directing movers and we pretty much have everything loaded. "Liam, honey, is that the last of your stuff?" She asks me "yeah I'll go throw it out on the truck, is there anything else you need me to do?" I ask her "no but thanks love. Just get in the car and wait for me. Oh and by the way, I couldn't find you a private school, so you'll be in public school" she says. I've never been to public school so this should be interesting. I go outside and put my stuff in the truck and get in my mums car. I pull out my phone and check the time, 1:30pm. Mum comes out a few minutes later and we drive to our new house. My room is fairly big there and I like it. The house isn't in a trashy neighbourhood but it's not in a as nice neighbourhood like my dads house. "You okay Liam?" My mum asks me "yeah I'm fine, just tired." "Hun, you are always so quiet, is there anything you want to talk about?" She asks me. Yeah there's this thing that's been eating at me, and I don't understand why. "Mum, I think I'm gay" I say flat out. "There's not a problem with that love, and I'm glad you told me because your dad... Son, he's not the nicest some times and you know that." She says back to me. Yeah, my dad probably would have thrown me out. 

We pull up to our new house, and the movers are already there bringing boxes in. I help the movers because I've got nothing better to do. Some of them joke around with me and when they leave they say thanks for the help. After all the boxes are in I tell my mum that I'm going for a run to check out the town. 

I change into a pair of running shorts and put my track shoes on and grab my iPod arm strap and my headphones and head out. 
I turn right when I go and it leads me through a neighbourhood. Tomorrow I will go for a run and I'll go left when I get out of my house to see what's there.  My run was about an hour when I get home, and I hop in the shower. While in the shower Secrets by OneRepublic comes on and the lyrics are so legit to my life 


I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess


And I wish my life had a little more excitement. Maybe I'll make new friends here. 

When I get out of the shower my room has all my boxes in it, and sheets and my blanket on my bed. I open my door and say "night mum, love you" and close my door and fall on my bed to go to sleep. What a boring day. 


"Liam, love, you're gonna have to go to school today ok?" My mum says, knocking on my door enough to wake me up "Kay thanks mum" I say back, and start to get up. The light is bright through my window and I drag myself up and grab clothes. A black t-shirt, grey hoodie, some dark jeans, and simple nike high tops. I slip my phone in my front pocket and walk downstairs. I see my mum at the kitchen table and she says "I need to go grocery shopping today, so here's a few dollars to get some breakfast" she says, and hands me a few bills. "Thanks mum" I say, and I grab the bills, and kiss her forehead "bye, love you" I say and walk out the door, waving over my shoulder. I walk left and see the bus stop my mum told me about and there's a few kids there. I grab my headphones out of my pocket and pull them on before I get to the stop so it's not awkward. I am only standing there about two minutes before the bus comes, and I get on in the middle seats that aren't taken up yet. The ride is short. The school looks like a prison, but, don't they all? I follow the other kids in and I find the office, and I walk up to the lady at the desk, and say "hello, I'm Liam Payne and I need my schedule, and maybe someone to help me around the school, I'm new" 
I say to the lady, and she nods and rolls her chair over to a file cabinet and flicks through, trying to find my name I suppose. 

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