How #CASH started

How did cash really start ?


1. chapter 1

Once apon a time there was a magcon boy names Cameron Dallas . He was every girls dream and every guys image . But what no one knew was that he was in love with his best friend ... Nash Grier . No one knew that Cameron was in love with Nash until one night when all the boys were playing spin the bottle and it landed on Cameron . He was in shock and then finally spoke up and said , " Nash " ... silence fell but Nash got up quick and told Cameron to go into the free bedroom . Cameron walked in slowly and Nash slammed the door behind him . It made Cameron jump a little but as he went to turn around Nash pushed him on the bed and kissed him full on . 3 mins passed by and they were both naked in the bed having sex !! Nash went all the way on him , Cameron finally came back to reality when the timer went off for the 7 minutes . Cameron got dressed quickly when Nash pushed him back on the bed and kissed his lips then his neck leaving a hickie . Cameron looked up at him surprised and asked , " do you love me ? " Nash was quiet for a long time but didn't reply all he did was get up and leave . When Cameron went back to the living room Nash wasn't there , everyone said he left . Cameron jumped in his car and drove straight to Nash's house . He knocked on the door until Nash's mom answered . She told him to go right to his room which Cameron did . Cameron walked in and saw Nash sitting on his bed crying .

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