Where did I go wrong?

It all started the day he took me. I would never forget his eyes, a nice shade of brown with a twinkle of success. But it all ended when I came home to the only family I had left, mom. She went through so much after dad disappeared and decided to take it out on me. I know she doesn't like him either.

Will I ever get my fairy tale ending that I have always dreamed if or will she take over and control everything?


6. Chapter 6. Story time.

Griffin's P.O.V.


Ok. Here I go. It's just a casual dinner with a couple of her friends right? Yes, that's it nothing special. She is just a friend. I slowly walked up the driveway to a familiar house. I climbed the steps and inhaled deeply. I can do this come on she is just a girl. No big deal. I finally decided to knock and the door opened after a couple seconds. I just stared at her and smiled she looked beautiful. She was wearing a floral dress with some black flats and a brown jacket. "Hi" she said after a few minutes. Oops, that was awkward, I am an idiot. "Hey. Shall we go then?" I asked. She just smiled and nodded. Well that was really awkward. Mental note NEVER do that again. We walked back down her driveway and got in my car. 



The whole ride there we were just listening to music on the radio. We didn't really have much else to talk about so we sat there singing along. When we got there she pulled out we phone and her smile faded a bit. "What's wrong?" She seemed disappointed. "Oh, it's not really that bad it's just JJ and Al can't make it tonight." "So I guess it's just the four of us." We walked inside and found a table. Autumn and Steph showed up minutes later and we all started talking about the most random things on the planet. I liked Summer's friends, they were weird and different just like her and they didn't mind being unordinary. 



Soon the waiter came and asked what we would like to drink and we all just had water. He came back with our waters and asked if we were ready to order. "I think so." Autumn piped up. So we all ordered and then Summer asked me the question I've been dreading to answer. "So you never did tell me, how did you get the nickname Grief?" Ok here we go. "Well before I start you need to know that this is also the story of how I have no parents." she just nodded her head for me to continue.


*Last Year*


"Griffin!" Mom yelled up the stairs. "Mom!" I shouted mimicking her tone. "Get down here now!" Well looks like that wasn't a good idea she was really mad. I shut my notebook and ran down stairs as fast as possible."What's this?" she asked holding a small blue paper. "I- Uh." I was trying to come up with a story but failed realizing she had already read it. "Why am I getting a note saying that this is your last warning before you get expelled 'Grief'?" Oh yeah I forgot about the nickname I kinda liked it. It certainly fit with my reputation. "Well. Uh. This is kinda my third warning this semester." I replied quietly. "What?" she shouted in disbelief. "Why haven't I been told about this?" "Well I usually throw out the notes before I leave the school grounds." I really have no idea how she got it I swear I threw it out. "Just go upstairs! I will deal with you later." Oh well punishment later means I have time to escape. I ran back up the stairs and shoved everything I could into a bag. I grabbed my notebook and left through the window.



"I just ran to my brother's house and he let me stay there. I never saw her again. And from then on I just told everyone to call me Grief." The whole time I explained she just sat there listening. She was so quiet I was starting to worry. "Wait, what about your dad?" she finally spoke up. I exhaled and replied, "Well I don't really like to talk about it but I can't see him even if I wanted to." "Ohhhh" she replied getting the hint. After that the waiter came back with our food and we resumed conversation as normal.




Summer's P.O.V.


Wow so he just lived with his brothers who really didn't care about him at all. I a\can't believe he ran away from home. There has to be more to the story. Like why did he run away, it couldn't have been just because of that. I was definitely going to find out. 


When the waiter came back with our food we resumed our conversation. But I wasn't really paying attention. I was too busy thinking about Griffin.


After we finished dinner Griffin drove me home. I just walked in the front door relieved that my mom went out tonight. I slowly made my way to my room and crashed as soon as I got there.




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