Where did I go wrong?

It all started the day he took me. I would never forget his eyes, a nice shade of brown with a twinkle of success. But it all ended when I came home to the only family I had left, mom. She went through so much after dad disappeared and decided to take it out on me. I know she doesn't like him either.

Will I ever get my fairy tale ending that I have always dreamed if or will she take over and control everything?


5. Chapter 5. Date night?

Summer's P.O.V.


"Ugh! You just don't get it Autumn! I like him. He's different and mysterious. He's not like other guys and I don't know maybe just maybe he actually likes me too!" Autumn has been bugging me about Griffin ever since I told her last week. She doesn't like him, just because of all the rumors she heard.  She needs to stop judging people based on what everyone else thinks. Griffin has a story, we all do. And I intend to figure out his. 


Well even though Autumn doesn't like Griffin, it seems like JJ, Al, and Steph do. Well, at least they are willing to give him a chance. She is not even being fair. And as much as I respect her opinion, this time she is just being rude. Every time I bring up the subject she opens her mouth. I used to be able to talk to her about everything now we can't even talk about the most important things. It just feels like she doesn't even care anymore. 





Its been really great getting to know Griffin. We have been just about everywhere these past two weeks. It has been lots of fun, finding out some of his favorite things to do. I am beginning to realize that we have a lot in common. We like the same movies and music and he adores go-carting almost as much as I do.  And well he like to try to beat me at video games but he 'hasn't found the one he is good at yet'. And today we are going to some restaurant with a couple other people. I really don't remember the name I was just really excited. I decided to watch some tv until I had to get ready. 





I slowly opened my eyes and checked the time. CRAP!!! 6:30!!! I only had half an hour until Griffin was going to pick me up. I ran onto the bathroom and showered as fast as possible. Now i have to figure out what to wear. Well, this is hopeless I am he exact opposite of a fashion expert.so, I went to the only person I know who can help. "Autumn?" I asked as soon as she picked up. "Let me guess, fashion emergency?" she laughed into the phone. "Yeah, now hurry! I only have 15 minutes left." "Ok, well occasion?" she asked as if she didn't already know. "Autumn we are going out with Griffin!" "Ok well, I think you should wear that dress that you bought on Saturday with those black flats you borrowed from me." "Thanks, see you soon. Bye." I hung up the phone and quickly got changed. I plugged in my curling iron. While waiting I put on some lip gloss and grabbed some pins. I checked the time again, 6:50. I curled my hair quickly, trying not to burn myself. I grabbed my jacket just as the doorbell rang. I opened the door to a shaggy brown haired boy who stood there smiling at me. "Hi." Well this was awkward. "Hey. Shall we go then?" I smiled and nodded. We walked down the driveway and got into his car. 



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