Where did I go wrong?

It all started the day he took me. I would never forget his eyes, a nice shade of brown with a twinkle of success. But it all ended when I came home to the only family I had left, mom. She went through so much after dad disappeared and decided to take it out on me. I know she doesn't like him either.

Will I ever get my fairy tale ending that I have always dreamed if or will she take over and control everything?


2. Chapter 2. What happened?

Summer's P.O.V.

I woke up on the floor in our family room. If I can even call it that. How did I get down here I thought I was in my room. That's when the pain hit me. "Oh right. That's why." I slowly got up and made my way to my room. Thank god it was Saturday. That means I can't get into anymore trouble at school. Now I just have to avoid it at home. What happened to my mom she used to be so nice and loving. I guess now that dad has disappeared it has been quite hard on her. But that doesn't mean she has to take it out on me! 

I changed into a pair of jogging pants and a baggy t-shirt. I wasn't going anywhere today anyway so I don't care what I looked like. When I walked back downstairs and into the kitchen for breakfast I noticed it was a mess. There were empty cans of beer and pop all over the floor, it smelled so badly of smoke I was choking, and there were crushed chips and popcorn everywhere. What happened, this is a very unusual combination. It is usually just beer and the smoke smell. Now all the other crap. It's getting worse. Only time will tell how long it takes for her to do some real damage. I really hope it wouldn't get that far though. 

I abandoned breakfast and decided to go for a walk instead. I figured I should give mom some space when she wakes up. I walked for what felt like hours until I looked up and realized I was at the park that my best friend lives by. I walked to her house and knocked on her door. I hope it wasn't too early for her. After a few seconds the door was pulled open and there stood a gorgeous girl with long blonde hair, eyes as blue as the ocean, and a smile that can light up a room. "Summer!" She yelled happily. "Autumn!" I yelled back. It was weird how we were both named after seasons but I guess it was kind of cool. She let me inside and we went up to her room where we talked for a couple hours. "Hey are you busy tonight?" She asked after a couple minutes of silence that just fell. "No not really. Why?" I asked chuckling. "Good cause your coming to a movie with me and the boys tonight." She replied. She said it as if I didn't had a choice and with Autumn you never really did. "Ok fine I guess" "you say that as if you had a choice" she said reading my mind. We giggled a for a bit and continued talking as she walked me home. "Ok so meet at the old warehouse at 6:00." She told me as I walked up the front steps.  "Ok see you then. Bye." I opened the door and went to my room I showered and got dressed and put on some makeup. I know it was just the boys but still. We have all known each other since grade one when I fell into a mud puddle and pushed Alex in after. We all sort of just bonded around the mud puddle. And that's where I met my best friends Autumn, Al, JJ, and Steph. 


As soon as I was ready I walked to the old warehouse. It wasn't far from my house and it was still nice outside. We all met there and then went to watch non-stop. I didn't really pay much attention to the movie cause Al and JJ were arguing over who could fit more popcorn into their mouth. When it was over I walked home alone. It was dark out now but I knew my way around. And the people that lived here were nice. At least that's what I thought until someone grabbed me and covered my mouth.

I gasped and turned to see who it was. All I got to see were his big beautiful, brown eyes before he knocked me out, quietly muttering "sorry."


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