From stalker to his lover

Dear diary,
I know I'm kinda old to start a diary now but I feel like I really need one now i feel like I need to talk to someone, someone who can listen to me. All I want is to get rid of all of my thoughts. Yes it is kinda risky, especially when you have 4 siblings, over protective parents, a possibly bad reputation at school and a crush that I hope no one will find out about...


2. The plan


Dear diary,

Julia left a few seconds ago and apparently she knows my Mystery guy from preschool his name is Max Leroy he is a very shy and nice guy he was the only guy that talked to Julia.She used to have a major crush on him but he only saw her as a friend they were friends for six long years and it stopped once she started going to Shirley's school for girls, she befriended me and forgot all about him. huh what a small world this is who would've known that I would e the one to make her remember. She said that he always had trouble with talking he was a tongue-tied person and everyone laughed at him when he would try to communicate witch is the cause of him being anti sociable. Julia also said that whenever he wants something he would do anything to have it even if it could risk him being laughed at. 

Juju <3: That is probably why he walked towards you he wanted to meet you.

Me: Maybe 

Juju <3: I can help you with him if you want.

Me: that would be awesome Juju you are the best!

Juju<3: You know it! :)

Me: So what is the plan?

Juju<3: Okay I could ask him to come hang out at Mac Donald's and you will "randomly" show up wait for him to notice you if he does not notice you I will pretend that I just saw you and ask you to sit with us and there you guys meet and voila!

Me: Wow you sure you just came up with that? ;)

Juju<3: Yes I did ^-^

Me: Coolio

Juju<3: so since tomorrow is Saturday...

Me: ok I guess we could do it tomorrow. :/

Juju<3: Mom texted gotta go now bye 

Me: bye see you and him tomorrow!

That is the plan and I sure hope that it works out. It is only 4:40 pm the day is still young might as well go out before taking my shower.


wow! I did not expect that to happen... It was sunny outside and the weather was perfect not too cold not too hot the sun was lighting the scenery the trees were swinging with the wind the park behind my house was filled with laughing children and there parents the pool still closed was empty as it usually is this time of the year (spring)   the basket ball field was filled with teens who were either talking or playing, then there was the grass field that was accessorized with flowers, bushes and trees where the couples were having romantic picnics and dogs were running around free and right besides that there was the skate park and the only thing I noticed there was Max who was skateboarding so well with the wind flowing through his beautiful black hair I couldn't help but stare and smile in the most dumbest way ever.

-"Ni-nice smile you g-g-got there!" I herd him say

-"OH! um thanks!" I said blushing, turning away and quickly walked away

I wish I stayed and talked to him a little more just to know what would have happened. I am way to shy for that to happen though...I stayed in the grass field under the willow reading my favorite book and looking at him. I cannot believe he talked to me... It was just so awesome. I started thinking and thinking about what could happen tomorrow and stopped to look at him but he wasn't there anymore. (O.O) Damn! But then I felt something touch my shoulder, freezed for a second with my eyes wide open and looked over it and saw a huge hand lying on it looked up a little more and saw Max smiling at me.

-"Wha-wha-what are you loo-looking f-f-for" He asked stuttering 

-" I mean nothing!" I said shocked.

-"sure no-no-nothing!" He said sarcastically taking his hand off my shoulder

-"huh yeah sure..." I said affirmatively

-"What a-a-are you rea-reading?" He asked sitting right besides me 

-"A book" I said studying him

-"I kn-know that! What book?" He asked chuckling

-"Anne Franks Diary" I answered 

-"Ha is it good?" He asked smiling

I was just staring at him I didn't even answer that smile it was absolutely amazing his cheeks were naturally peachy witch made him look so cute.

-"S-so is it good?" he asked again

-"Um yeah I guess." I answered quickly

-"I red the beginning but it belonged to my teacher so I couldn't read the rest." He said with no difficulties

-"Max! You're not stuttering?" I said surprised

-"Oh yeah guess I'm getting comfortable around you." He said smiling

-"oh..." I said blushing

-"Wait I don't remember telling you my name?" He said quizzingly

-"Umm gotta go see you later!" I said getting up and walking away

-"Bye!?" he screamed confused

Oh my god I cannot believe I said his name wow now that I rethink all of that I really don't want to go to Mac Donald's tomorrow...I'm not ready for all of this It's all so sudden. I can't even believe he talked to me...anyways gotta go take my shower


Ha this was an awesome day so far I can't believe he talked to me (yes I know I said it a lot of times but I'm just so shocked. XD). I think I'm gonna back out from the Mac Donalds plan though. I'm just gonna look like a stalker(I can't say I'm not one though.) and I do not want him to think that I'm one but I want to talk to him again I love his voice(*-* soo manly). Julia texted me a few seconds ago she said that Max was going to meet her there tomorrow. guess It's too late to back out now...

A/C: Hi guys haven't updated lately It's soon summer so we have a bunch of exams coming and right now we are having some pretests so I didn't find some time to update so yeah I will update Coming back for you later today or tomorrow love you my lovely readers! <3 




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