From stalker to his lover

Dear diary,
I know I'm kinda old to start a diary now but I feel like I really need one now i feel like I need to talk to someone, someone who can listen to me. All I want is to get rid of all of my thoughts. Yes it is kinda risky, especially when you have 4 siblings, over protective parents, a possibly bad reputation at school and a crush that I hope no one will find out about...


1. My story

(I know I'm a little late but)

this is how I imagine them people in this movella:

                                             Jamie Jewels  14 years                                                        

Max Leroy 15

Julia Vasquez 14

Mathew Lowes 16

Jack Hastings 15

Felix Jewels (Jamie's Dad) 45

Cindy Lowes (Matew's mom and Felix's wife) 35

Katie Lowes 12

Tommy Jewels 4

James Jewels 1

Dear diary,

The name is Jamie Jewels, I'm a fourteen year old girl, I live in Toronto, I go to St Shirley's school for girls. It's an all girls school but somehow I still manage to get involved with the guys, witch is honestly something I'm trying to avoid now. I live in a household of six where I'm the only real woman living in. My mom passed away when I was five she died in a car crash on her way to a business trip. I was expecting it to be a big mistake I thought she was going to come back, but she never did. I remember watching outside of my window hoping that I would see her walking into the door. I didn't know what was happening at that time. I only remember seeing her in my dreams, seeing her in my little brother and seeing my dad crying every single night thinking that I was asleep. That was obviously not true.


Five years later when I was ten my dad decided to get move on and met this girl named Cindy, Cindy Lowes, I really don't like her I'm convinced that she is going to leave and never come back just like my mother did. When I was in preschool I was a mess an undisciplined pile of shit that had trouble following everywhere it went. I would sneak out and go to the park meet older boys, One of the reasons I go to an all girls school, I would cut, I barely ate, I skipped classes, I shoplifted got through police problems that I barely remember about. I was a mess and I still am just way better.


There was this one time when I was nine I got so mad with Cindy who was at that moment "secretly" dating my dad I met up with her son Mathew who was at that time 14 and started going out with him. I would kiss him in front of my dad just to make myself clear. I ended up by liking him and then he dumped me in the most embarrassing way ever, he invited me to his spring break party all of his friends were there there was loud music blasting out of the speakers, dancing, drinking and a lot of kissing. I was dancing with him and he said he had to go to the bathroom, he left and since I had nothing to do I decided to talk to his best friend Wilkey and he was flirting and then Mathew  caught him trying to kiss me he took me in his arms and threw me in his pool with all of my clothing on and he yelled out loud, "Jamie, I'm dumping you!" . I cried so much I promised myself I would never ever talk or look at a guy ever again.


And I kept that promise until a few weeks ago when I saw this guy skate boarding in my neighborhood he caught my eye. I could not stop staring at him, until he saw me, he stopped his skateboard, smiled at me, blushed and walked towards me. And guess what? I got scared and ran away old me would have never done that. He was tall, slim, very pale, had black medium length hair that he would flip across his forehead in the most attractive way ever. I have seen him around a lot lately. I did not talk to him at all since I got into my all girls school I turned kinda "antisocialish".  and he did not seem like a fan of socializing either, he would always have his earphones stuck to his ears while he was skateboarding. I would look at him from my bedroom window and would be thinking of what could happen if I decided to talk to him. It either makes me cry or makes me be hopeful. But I try to not be to hopeful since I have never had luck on my side. 


I don't like or appreciate anyone except for my friend Julia Vasquez she is my only friend she understands me her father died when she was young too and she is a great listener since she can't talk at all. She has been bullied a lot and she did not want to go near anybody. we communicate by sign language or texting. she loves painting and music. like me we're like twins we have so many things in common except maybe for the talking area. I love her and I would die if she would disappear like my mom. And  Julia is the only one who knows about my mystery guy. I probably told her cause she can litteraly not tell anyone about it which is something that I love about her. She's coming by tomorrow she wrote that she wants more details about my mystery guy and surprise me with something so excited!


A/c : Hi guys hope you guys enjoy my new movella  From stalker to his lover hope you guys like it

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