From stalker to his lover

Dear diary,
I know I'm kinda old to start a diary now but I feel like I really need one now i feel like I need to talk to someone, someone who can listen to me. All I want is to get rid of all of my thoughts. Yes it is kinda risky, especially when you have 4 siblings, over protective parents, a possibly bad reputation at school and a crush that I hope no one will find out about...


3. Mac Donald's


Dear diary,

just woke up, it's 5 am in te morning and I am  so not ready for today. Imma wear the cutest outfit in my closet:

this I guess it's okay right anyways I'm gonna rock this outfit for sure! Maybe? Gonna go take my shower...


12:34 pm

Juju:3: I'm waiting for him...

Me: Cool

Juju:3: Oh he's here looks like he doesn't recognize me... -.-

Me: Haha go talk to him

Juju:3: Okay I'm going now... O.O

Me: I'm on my way okay?

Juju:3: Okay

Okay the bus is taking me there the Mac Donald's is kinda far from where I live (20 minutes in bus) so I'ts not gonna look that bad to him I hope I'm sitting besides this guy who looks about my age I guess I could try to talk to him since it's gonna be a long ride. 

so this is how it went-

-"so where are you going?" I asked

-"Um this Mac Donald's meeting up with some friends you?"

-"Huh same... wow! What a small world!" I said really surprised 

-"Wow really that's cool!" He said 

-"By the way I'm Jamie!" I said introducing myself

-"Oh I'm Jack, Jack Hastings add me on Facebook we could hang out some time!" He said

-"Sure that sounds fun!^-^" I said smiling at him 

after tat it was pretty quiet

-"Ah we are almost there!" he said breaking the silence

-"Yeah like 10 minutes away!" I said 

-"What school do you go to?" He asked

-" Um Shirley's school for girls" I answered

-"No wonder I didn't see you before!" He said

-"You probably did this is a small town after all!" I said

-"I think I would ave remembered a face like yours." He said in a flirtatious tone looking in my eyes

-"Oh? ha! I see what you did there.." I said blushing

-"What did I do exactly?" he asked biting his lips

-"Umm nothing I guess" I said getting up and pushing the button that tells the bus driver you want to get off on the next stop

-"Would you like to accompany me at Mac Donald's?" He asked taking my hand

-"sure I'm sure my friend won't mind." I said blushing

-"Cool!" He said smiling

we got off the bus and walked through the parking lot that was almost empty we were talking and he would always crack up a flirty joke.Until we arrived in front of the restaurant he grabbed both my hands stared intensely at my eyes smiled and leaned towards me closing his eyes. But then Max came in my mind.

-"Um sorry Jack I have to go pee huh." I said blushing and doing the pipi dance opening the door

-"I'll get our table." He said leaving a gentle kiss on my cheeks making me smile

-"Ok.." I said blushing closing the door behind me

I walked in and the first thing I saw was Julia mouthing something to max in the most flirtatious way ever. And Max smiling as he saw me walk in. I turned around pretended like I didn't see them I felt like I was being used and that my heart got pulled out of my chest, thrown on the floor and stomped on for over 9000 times. But then I saw Jack I ran over to him hugged him and shoved my lips on his. He was shocked at first but he got comfortable quickly and placed his arms around my waist.





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