The Time is Right

Since the death of Kid Flash, The Canary, has been through deep depression. But not the physically harmful kind. The Team and the Justice League now turn to her brother, in hope, that he can help her. But, then they all find out secrets. *Rated yellow for violence*


6. Where the H-ll is She?!



We were left waiting for five minutes before I heard something that sounded like a scuffle outside my apartment. I was out the door in less than ten seconds, but I was too late, they were gone. "Jason!" I screamed, seething in anger with the infuriating boy.

Surprisingly though, I heard someone turn around on the stair and then run up at least two flights of stairs. The door leading to the stairs burst open and Jason ran through it, looking shocked. "WHAT?! I was leaving just like you asked me to!"

I looked at him, dubiously. "Then where is Becca?" I growled.

He paled and looked around, expecting her to be here in the hallway then said, "Wait... You mean she's not with you?"

"Oh, funny, like you didn't know." I said dryly.

He looked really shocked, not as if he was faking it either, he was truly scared. And that had me scared.

"You weren't joking..." I whispered, he shook his head.

The blood rushed out of my skin, making me look ghostly. I was shaking in fear, where was Becs? What was going on with her?

"Follow me." I said monotonously, turning back to my apartment, allowing him to enter.

"Girls, change. We're going to go hunt whatever took our sister down." I growled, ripping my shirt off and throwing on my green and purple dress that I hadn't worn in months and then ripped my skinny jeans off, not even caring that there was a guy in my living room as I did so.

"Poison... You haven't worn that since--" Pixie started but stopped when she looked at me.

I had discarded the form I had been covering myself with for months, protecting my true identity. I had put on my utility belt and grabbed my knives from their casings on my forearms, they're the one thing I hadn't changed about myself when I changed myself. Swinging my body around, I looked at all of them, hair unruly again, eyes Joker Green, and my nails dripping in toxin.

"I said to CHANGE!" I roared at them as I glowered at all of them. 

They all scurried away to change as fast as they could. I slowly turned around and walked up to a glass case on my wall that said 'Never, ever open under ANY circumstances!' and I cracked it open with my fist, grabbing my long, thin, shiny katana from it, knowing that Bruce must have placed an alarm on the case just to insure I would never open it again, but not caring because he would just think that it had broke with the wild party I was throwing with the girls, so I texted him and told him exactly that.

"We are leaving." I announced, walking to a large window that overlooked the city and the street, and instantly my girls were behind me, flanking me as I made my way to the window and opened it.

I jumped first, landing with my sword drawn and my heels crunching under me as I stood up. I looked a mess, but I really couldn't care any longer about what I looked like.

"Are we going to get Barb?" Angel asked me.


"Are we going to get her?" Thorn asked.

I thought about it for a second and then said, "Yes."

We made our way to the Gordons' home by my teleportation power. 

"Wait! How'd we get here so fast?!" Jason exclaimed behind me as I walked up to the Gordons' front door and knocked it down. "And why are you breaking into the Commissioner's home?!" He demanded.

I continued to ignore him.

"JAMES!" I yelled out, stepping into the front room of their house. I heard the cocking of a gun and I called out again, "JAMES! ITS ME!"

Then, someone came from the doorway into the next room with an AR-15 pointing in my face. I barely moved, taking in the form in front of me. It was some sort of henchmen. Not one I'd ever seen before. "Who're you?" I sneered.

He didn't reply, instead, he opted for the violent way out of this, by hitting me in the temple with the butt of the gun. I didn't move, didn't even flinch as it impacted against my head. A sharp intake of breath was heard behind me. I slowly focused my glare on this idiot of a henchman.

I smiled at him and he was taken off guard by my action. I slowly brought my hand up to his face, staring straight into his eyes, never once breaking eye contact with him. He seemed to sense something was about to happen to him, he was whimpering like a pathetic fool as I smiled at him and then with a move too quick to see, I sunk my nails deep into his neck, unleashing a huge dose of toxin into his system, killing him instantly.

"You should not have touched me, not in the d-mn mood." I said calmly, pulling my hand free of his neck and letting his body fall to the floor in a pile of limbs.

I walked over them, heading to the kitchen where I could hear some whimpers of fear and I knew my sisters were following me, but Jason was not.

I couldn't care less. There were henchmen in this house, kidnapping or hurting my dear friend and her father, I was going on a killing spree tonight, and no body was going to be able to stop me.

I barged into the kitchen and threw my knives at two henchmen--who'd been guarding their prisoners Comish and Barbra--embedding them in their skulls, killing them too. I flicked a Bat-A-Rang at their bindings, and letting them free.

"Poison?" James said disbelieving as he took a good look at me.

Barbra looked at me, "What happened?" she asked immediately.

"JASON!" I called out to him, he came running in quickly.

Barbra stiffened and backed away, pulling her father with her. "Get out." She ordered Jason. "Get out and never come back!" She screamed.

"Shut up, I can't deal with your whining right now. Becca is gone, the same night that Jason Todd decides to come back from the dead and come back to town." I snapped.

Barbra stopped her pathetic crap and became business like. "When? Where? How long ago? And who took her?" She looked deadly now.

I smirked. "Who ever sent those henchmen after you, are probably the culprits."

She looked at her dad and he slightly nodded his head, resigned to the fact that his daughter was going to run off as her alter ego with me and my sisters. "Go, be careful. Poison, if anything at all happens to my daughter, I'm coming after you." Gordon said darkly.

I laughed, "Right now, that is the least of your problems, Jim. I'm going after them, and if I have to burn the city to the ground to find them, I will."

He sighed and rolled his eyes, "You Jokers and your flare for dramatics..." he groaned.

"Hurry up, Red and meet us at the Cave." I ordered.

She ran off and we teleported to the Cave, the guys were out and partying it up, and there we waited for Baby Bat to show as I stalked around the Cave, grabbing weapons and the keys to the Bat Mobile and the Robin Cycle so they could have transportation to go get her while I left them to find my Daddy for help with finding my friend.

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