The Time is Right

Since the death of Kid Flash, The Canary, has been through deep depression. But not the physically harmful kind. The Team and the Justice League now turn to her brother, in hope, that he can help her. But, then they all find out secrets. *Rated yellow for violence*


2. Things Always Happen During the Night

I scanned my surroundings quickly. 

I heard him, had and the child that they had captive. 

Then the screams started. 

Using my skills as an acrobat, I pulled myself up the five stories to their window. 

BANG! A gunshot came at me from below. 

I ignored it and continued up. 

Three more were shot at me, never getting extremely close to me. I smirked. 

"Tazer! Thorn!" I snapped into my ear piece. 

"Poison!" Came Tazer's annoyed reply. 

"Guys, I need back up. I'm being shot at. Uninsured but fairly annoyed." I growled. 


"NOW!" I snapped into our ear pieces, earning a yelp from Thorn. 

I focused on getting to the widow. To the family, and grabbing that devious little crap of a man. 
Dark Arrow was NOT going to screw this up for me. 

Two. Freaking. Days. Before my WEDDING!

"Bruce, forgive my stubbornness." I whispered to myself. 

"It's one of the things I love most about you."

I whirled my head up and at the window that I needed to be at, leaning OUT of it was Batman. A.K.A. My fiancé. 

I glanced at him, he was supposed to be out with the boys for his bachelor party or getting ready for said party in the BatCave, and yet he's here. 

"Alfred is prepping and the guys are at the Mansion waiting." He said as if reading my mind. 

I nodded. "Good. Well if you've got Dark we're good for the night."

"Knocked out and ready for the taking." He smirked. 

"Bring him down. I'm gone." And then I jumped down the four stories I was up already and landed on the balls of my feet and my left hand in between them. 

Something moved behind me. I readied myself and when the arm came close enough, I stood as I spun around, grabbed the arm and used my momentum to throw the person over my body and into the steel dumpster across from me. 

Then my girls arrived, panting. 

"What happened to my backup?!" I snapped. 

They cringed and then were saved by the Bat. He threw Dark Arrow at us and said, "Here's your guy. Aren't you supposed to be with the girls?"

"I am!" I pouted. 

"Uhh Huhh... See you in two days."

"I'll be waiting." I smirked. 

"Isn't that MY job?" He teased me. 

"Bye, dear." I smiled at him. 

All was right right in the world. Nothing changed. Not yet anyway. But I still had to drag Becca out of her state. 

The sound of a motorbike pierced the air and I stiffened.

I knew that bike.

That sound. 

The person who always rode it. 


"He's back." I murmured to myself. "My best friend's brother."

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