The Time is Right

Since the death of Kid Flash, The Canary, has been through deep depression. But not the physically harmful kind. The Team and the Justice League now turn to her brother, in hope, that he can help her. But, then they all find out secrets. *Rated yellow for violence*


4. The Party Has Just Begun

I smirked to myself as I got home. (To my house, not Bruce's.) Jason was here. 

"Does my son know you're here, Jason?" I asked as I threw off my mask and pulled my hair out of the hood of my jacket. 

"Not yet." He answered confidently. 

I rolled my eyes. "J-Boy, what do you want here?"

"Well, sweetheart, I came back to see my dearest, most amazing," he slithered up behind me as I was hanging my jacket and wrapped his arms around my waist, "ex-girlfriend." And with that, he placed his disgusting lips on my neck below my ear. 

I smiled as I formulated a plan. I swiftly elbowed him in the gut, swung around and placed a high kick to his head and then punched him. He fell like Golaith. 

"Never was your girlfriend. Never will be your girlfriend, and don't you ever touch me again or I will neuter you."

He was whimpering like a weakling on the ground of my apartment. 

"Now get out before I kill you and Becca kills me."

He nodded his head slightly and got up slowly. He left my apartment and I slumped down onto my couch as soon as I could. 

"That was an impressive take down." 

My eyes snapped open and I instantly glared at the person whose voice that belonged to. 

"Don't be so touchy-touchy! Daddy just has a gift for you, sweetums!" My father smiled at me. 

"Daddy, you need to leave here soon. The girls are coming by and we're having a girls night in." I sighed. 

"But what would that do for me? I get to see the bride before she walks down the aisle, just not Batsy!" 

Admittedly, Daddy has been on his best behaviour ever since Bruce and I came out publicly. He's only tried to burn Gotham three times in the last six months. 

"Daddy... It's my bachelorette party! That means girls only!" 

That didn't work though. Because he ripped off his over coat and was wearing a Nurse outfit. 
"Lookie here! I'm a girl!" He giggled in a high pitched voice. Attempting, apparently, to sound like a woman. 

I slapped my hand to my face. He did NOT just do that... "Father..." I growled. 

"It's 'Mother' now. But, yes, Pumpkin?" He answered in that atrocious voice again.


I snapped and grabbed him by his collar, dragged him to the window and tossed him out with a "Love you, Daddy!" 

I stomped back to my loving and forgiving couch and laid down on it for one blissful second. Until a stamped of girls rammed through my door and trampled over me. 

"For the love of Gotham!" I screamed. "Get. The. Bloody. Heck. Off. ME!!" I screamed at them.

They all jumped off me like I was a poisonous snake and cowered behind the couch that I had originally been on not too long ago. 

"Sorry, Poison!" Three voices chorused at me. 

"Wait, where's Becs?" I thought. And must've voiced my thoughts aloud because Thorn answered me. 

"Jason nabbed her as we were getting off the elevator. You should have seen her face. She was glowing with happiness that he was here."

I growled, stood up, and marched out of my apartment. He wasn't about to screw with her mind too. 

"JASON!!" I bellowed into the hallway.

And I saw someone--or rather someone's shadow--jump from my loud bellow. I silently snuck my way over there and I saw Jason and Becca hugging. I growled in warning and then broke them apart. 

"Back off, I don't care if you're her bleeding brother. I'll kill you if you screw with her mind anymore than Wally already has!"

She flinched as I shouted. I ignored the guilt that stabbed me in the belly and instead grabbed the front collar of Jason's shirt and said, "Do I need to get your Bruce in on this? On how you attacked his fiancé? And how you stole her," I motioned towards Becca, "from under said fiancé's protection? Jason, I swear on everything holy I will snap you like a twig if you mess with Becca like that! Am I clear?" 

"Crystal..." He squeaked. 

"Fantastic!" I smiled cheerfully. "Now, love, do hurry up. My party has just begun. See you in a few, deary!" I said to Becca as I skipped away. 

I appeared back in my apartment and told the girls to get ready to leave. We got dressed in our cute clothes and were ready to go out on the town within a matter of fifteen minutes. We were just waiting on Becca...still...


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