The Time is Right

Since the death of Kid Flash, The Canary, has been through deep depression. But not the physically harmful kind. The Team and the Justice League now turn to her brother, in hope, that he can help her. But, then they all find out secrets. *Rated yellow for violence*


8. Pain


Joker just stabbed me in the arm. And it hurt. A lot.

I screamed as loud as I could without using my powers.

I let go on everything I was holding back. My fear for myself, my hatred to the aliens who killed my man, my depression for my man's death, and my frustration for my resurrected brother who went haywire and started killing criminals.

I heard something but I couldn't tell what it was, nor could I see, since my eyes were closed.

I heard a voice I thought I'd never hear.


"How dare you?!?"

I heard REALLY fast feet run and attack my attacker.

I heard fast punches, and cries come from Joker.

I heard tiny footsteps run towards the door. Harley was getting away.

I peeked my eyes open, just enough too see her close the door.

Then, my rescuer knelt next to me. I looked up to see green eyes and red hair. I choked out one word.


Wally smiled, and hugged me.

Tears streamed down my face.

"I'm so sorry I put you through that," he told me, kissing my forehead, "the plan, Jase, my death, well, more like my teleportation to a different dimension, but yeah."

A thought hit me. I'd always tell Jase what I'd learn in Physics back in high school.

"Was it the speed force?" I asked. He nodded.

"How'd you get out?" I whispered.

"I heard you," he whispered back, "I couldn't stand it. I've...I've never ran that fast ever in my life."

Then, he undid my chains, and helped me up.

Cuts and bruises covered my body. I was pretty sure I needed a bandage, and my ankle throbbed. Not to mention my head. He put my arm around his neck, and took a step forward.

I followed his lead, but winced. He looked at me, his green eyes filled with concern.

He then picked me up bridal style, started towards the door. But he stopped when and quickly moved to the side when Harley screamed and was thrown into it, smashing it.

Poison walked through the splinters and looked at us. Her eyes widened in complete shock and she was sure speechless.

"Hi," Wally said casually. I laughed and winced. Looks like I hurt a rib or something.

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