The Time is Right

Since the death of Kid Flash, The Canary, has been through deep depression. But not the physically harmful kind. The Team and the Justice League now turn to her brother, in hope, that he can help her. But, then they all find out secrets. *Rated yellow for violence*


5. Do YOU Remember Him?

Well, that just happened. Offended, hurt, and really happy at the same time is NOT the kind of combination you want. 

Wally was messing with my mind, as if. She was my enemy before Wally. And here I am, without Wally, and my enemy is now my best friend. 

"Come on." Jase said, grabbing my arm and pulling me down the hallway. 

"What are you doing?" I asked. 

"I have a lead." Jase replied 

"On who?"  I questioned. 

"On Wally." I stopped. How did Jase get a lead on Wally? 

"Wally's gone." I heart my self say, which stabbed my heart and broke it to a million pieces. Jase turned around. 

"No, no he isn't." He said, so confidently I almost believed him, "Now come on, we gotta go find him." He began to pull me again. 

"Stop." I stated firmly. Jase turned back a me. 

"What?" He snapped. 

"I can't just leave Pois at her party. I gotta get back there." I said. He rolled his eyes. 

"Why is she so important to you?" He asked. 

"Maybe because she was here when Wally DIED. Until SOME PEOPLE I know." I snapped. 

"Not everyone can be there for you, you know." Jase replied. 

"Ohhhhhhh yeah. Like you know how that feels." I said. 

"I do. Remember when I died? Nobody cared, nobody bothered to find me, until it was too late." He replied. I arched an eyebrow. 

"Excuse me? For your information Jason, I looked everywhere. I was up so late at the cave, BATMAN had to force me to go home. I noticed when you went missing two hours after you did. I thought you were just at Bruce's, being stubborn. And when you died, do you remember? I DID find you. I tried to get you out, but I was blown back by the explosion. I cried for weeks. We never got to watch those PG-13 movies I had." I said. Jase looked away in guilt. 

"Look at me." I told him, "Do you remember the 7 year old boy who used to watch Animal Planet and Nation Geographic with me? The one who would eat Mac and Cheese for me when we didn't have anything else to eat, when you hated it? The brother would would beg me to tell you a heroic story about my self when you got scared? You might not remember that Jase, but I do." I said. Jase wouldn't meet my eyes. I just guilt tripped him, along with myself. 

"I have to get back." I muttered, and I hugged him, "Love you bro." He didn't say anything. He just hugged me back. I broke the hug and walked back to the apartment room. The I heard a giggle and I turned around. I saw the lady-clown that I though I'd never see again. 

"Harley?!" I shrieked, but then she hit me with that stupid mallot of hers, and I descended into darkness. 


I woke up in chains, my head throbbing. I was gagged, and it was too dark to see. Where was I? How did I get here? Then I remembered. Harley. 

Pois is gonna be SO mad when she finds out. 

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Said the voice that I recognised at Joker's, "The Canary. Oh don't you worry my dear. We will certainly have you screaming." Then he started laughing. For once in my life. I wasn't scared for my brother. Or Wally or anyone else. For once in my life, I was scared for myself. 

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