The Time is Right

Since the death of Kid Flash, The Canary, has been through deep depression. But not the physically harmful kind. The Team and the Justice League now turn to her brother, in hope, that he can help her. But, then they all find out secrets. *Rated yellow for violence*


7. A Dreamer, A Killer Clown, and Poison



"Jason." I murmured as I logged onto the Super Computer in the Bat Cave.

He was by my side in seconds, "You find her?" He demanded.

"No. I'm leaving go get back up. I'm bring up two maps I need you four--soon to be five--to split up into two groups and gwt two people. Ones Dreamer, Pixie and you need tl go get her. The other one is a...relative of mine. Her name is Rouge. Thorn, Angel, and Baby Bat will get her." I said, handing him two maps, each with the respective owner's names on them.

I turned to leave, choosing to walk to and through the waterfall entrance, then to teleport to Daddy's home.

"Wait!" Pixie called out from her spot next to Jason as they studied the map. "Where are you going?"

"To get backup." I answered, pulling out my two purple and green switch blades and flipping them open.

"Buy who?" Thorn asked.

"Her father." Barbara answered, joining us.

I sighed and nodded, agreeing with her statement.

Everyone gave me incredulous looks, then many looks were passed between them all. Jason was out of the look-passing though, still not in the know of who my father is.

"This last year has changed him." I said, rising to my father's defense.

"Pois, I don't think that its wise for you and The Joker to reconnect. You might want to send one of us instead. Daddy will be able to make you have a relapse....or worse make you have an episode." Angel said soothingly, trying to make me do the intelligent thing.

I ignored her saying, "Look, I've already pretty much relapsed. Its not like Daddy can do anything that'll make me worse. He's just going to help find our sister." I said, fighting with logic.

"Let me go to him." Pixie said.

"Enough! I am the leader! I make the decisions!" I said, making my point clear.

They backed off, looking thoroughly reprimanded.

I left, teleporting to the Fun House, leaving them to do their jobs.

"Daddy! I'm home! I need your--." I started and then was stopped short by the arrival of a henchman that was wearing the exact same uniform as those from the Gordon House.

He glared at me and said, "You're the one who killed my brothers, aren't you?"

Smirking, I said, "Wow, you're smart enough to figure that out? That's impressive."

He growling lowly at me, and said "You're going to pay for what you've done!"

I cocked my head to the side and said, "Do you really want to attack The Joker's daughter and heir?"

He stopped, seemingly thinking about his options. And...he chose wrong. He ran at me, throwing black and red knives at me.

I dodged, swerving out of their way and then his as he was almost on me. He let out a roar of frustration as I continued to dodge him and his attacks. I was giggling now, watching as he became more and more frustrated and annoyed with every passing second. His attacks were becoming more and more erratic and sloppy, he was getting too emotional.

I had enough, and decided to unsheathe my katana, bringing out and down just as he attacked me again, slicing him in half, both halves fell to the ground with a thump and the blood was splattered all over the room, the ground and walls were coated in it as was I, my face and front were dripping with his blood.

I wiped the blood off my face; looking down at the hand that I'd wiped the blood off with and slowly began to be entranced by it, bringing it up to my mouth, my tongue slipped out between my lips, darting towards the blood, craving it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" a blood-curdling, pain-filled scream attacked my senses, destroying any craving I had for the blood, jolting me out of my reverie.

Becca! I thought, rushing out of the room, trying to find my friend. She was being tortured.




"Jason, you don't even know her, you can't just jump to assumptions about how she's like and who she is." I snapped, getting irritable with the idiot.

"She's probably just like you lot! As freaking creepy as you all! And crazy!" Jason snipped at me.

I growled, "Say that again, and I'll let Poison slit your throat." I threatened. He gulped in fear and backed slightly away from me. "That's what I thought."

 I knocked on the front door, the front light began to flicker. I smirked as I saw Jason start to flinch and shake, becoming more wary about where we were and who we were attempting to recruit.

"Dreamer! It's me, Pixie Stix!" I yelled out cheerily.

A dark, looming presence moved towards us from the other side of the door.

Jason was officially spooked.




"Come on, guys! We've got to get Rouge!" I snapped at everyone as they took their sweet time to get out of the Bat Mobile, falling over each other and their limbs entwining, creating a huge mess of people together.

I groaned, they were helpless somr days. If only Pois were here. She'd have thwm acting like the army we really are. 

I left them to figure out their issuses and walked up to the run down shack's door and knocked. "Rouge! Its me, Babs. Pois need your help!" I called out. 

The door slowly creaked open and a pale redhead peeped around the door. "You sure she wants me?" Rouge asked in her deep southern accent. 

I smiled at her and said, "You specifically." 

Grinning, she opened the door wider and walked out. "Lets go then."

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