This is just something I came up with myself randomly. Maddie Potter and Rebecca Weasley are best friends and are at Hogwarts in their 6th year. One of their greatest friends was Voldemort's son. Rebecca had secretly dated him in the second through middle of fourth years before he left and learned all sorts of Dark Arts spells and curses. Now he has come back to Hogwarts and is trying to kill everyone. Professor McGonagall sends out emergency owls to a bunch of parents including Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny. Voldemort's son has kidnapped Rebecca and won't let her go until Maddie Potter turns herself in. Before he meets his fate, he manages to severely injure Rebecca; eventually making her bleed to death. Now it is up to Maddie to avenge her deceased beat friend and get rid of the Riddle family line once and for all.


1. Prolouge

      "I'm Rebbeca Weasley. What's your name?" Asked a cheery red haired girl whose face was covered in freckles. "I'm Madison Potter, but my friends call me Maddie. My dad is the famous Harry Potter and my mum is Ginny Potter, well she was a Weasley." Replied a giggly girl with short messy black hair and green eyes like her father. "What house do you want to be in?" Maddie asked. "I want to be in Gryffindor like my mum and dad." Rebecca said. Then suddenly a boy with short brown hair and dark brown eyes walked in. "Top of the morning to you. My name is Blake, Blake Riddle. Mind if I sit with you?" The boy asked. "Of course you can sit with us. By the way, I'm Maddie Potter and that's Rebecca Weasley." Maddie said. Then Blake stopped in his tracks and looked straight at Maddie. "Are you telling me that your father is the famous Harry Potter?" Blake asked flabbergasted. "Yes she did. My dad is Ronald Weasley. My mum is Hermione Granger. I got lucky to get her wits. Mum says dad is dim-witted; whatever that means." Rebecca laughed. "I was told that your mum was the smartest witch for her age." Blake said. Then Blake put his mouth to Rebecca's ear, then Rebecca turned a violent shade of red. "Yes." Was all that was heard. From that point on, they all knew that they would be best friends. Sadly that was five years. Now they're in their sixth year and Blake left Hogwarts in their fourth year. He left because he found out that...

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