The Perfect Life

Charlie is just a normal ordinary British girl, but everything soon changes when her and her family move to California and she meet the love of her life <3

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1. The same old stuff

Charlies P.O.V


I was woken by the continuous beeping of my alarm, I pushed my self up using my arm and as usual my elbow clicked. Taking a quick squint at the clock my arm let loose and my head hit the pillow once again, I'm not an early riser. After about what felt like two seconds my mum started shouting at me

"Charlie get up or you will be late for school" This happens every morning, and I am pretty much always late for school.

"I'm getting up now mum, just stop yelling!"

I slowly rolled out of my bed and hit the floor laying there for 5 minutes whilst I was trying to wake up. When I eventually managed to push myself up off the floor, my hands swung my wardrobe doors open, I browsed for my uniform, Black jumper, white t-shirt, black trousers and black socks. I quickly whipped on my uniform and stumbled over to my mirror where I threw my hair up into a cute messy bun and rushed my make-up, foundation, mascara and a hint of blusher.

Only having 15 minutes until I had to leave I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth thoroughly and check for the tenth time that my hair looked ok. After wards I jumped down most of the steps on my staircase waking everybody up including my little sister (Lilly) grabbing my bag on the way and chucking all my books in it. I don't usually eat breakfast because I either don't have time or I'm just not hungry so I skipped that part and put my lunch in my bag whilst slipping on my old, black, wrecked school shoes. My mum came down the stairs in a hurry,  fetched the car keys and we were off.

When we got to school I went and met my friends Roni, Daisy, Cat and Jaz at our usual place, the upstairs corridor where its warm and empty.

"So Charlie what did you do yesterday?" Daisy asked me.

"I was at my dads for the weekend and we went to this boring village, but we had nice lunch. What did you do?"

"I went to the cinema and saw that new film Red riding Hood, it was actually pretty scary!"                                                                                                                                                                                     

suddenly the bell went for form. We all got up and walked over to our class which was just down stairs so we didn't have to walk far. When we got there our form tutor, Mrs Moodias was already doing the register outside our classroom so that meant we had assembly. We hate our form tutor she's horrible, she's always shouting at someone whether they had done something wrong or not. We like to wind our form tutor up by calling her Mrs Moody-ass and pulling funny pranks on her.

After our boring assembly about poetry Cat, Jaz and I walked to our maths class, I hate maths, most of it we wont ever use in our life, they should have never mixed numbers with the alphabet . During maths with Mr Clifford one of my other friends Alice passed me this really obvious note which said:

"Just to let you know Kyle and Chelsea are currently dating :( sorry I know you like him.

To be quite honest I don't even know how she found out because I hadn't told anyone! So I decided to keep up the secret and wrote back to her saying:

"What are you going on about, I have no interest in Kyle he can date whoever he wants :) P.S this lesson sucks :("

I screwed up the note into the tiniest little ball and sneakily threw it behind me in her direction, it landed right on her desk and I watched her try and open it, she did eventually but she couldn't reply as Sir had his eyes glued to me.


Alice's P.O.V

Charlie's note luckily landed right at my desk, it looked like a normal piece of screwed up paper so don't think the teacher was suspicious. I tried to open up this tiny ball of paper, it took me a while but I eventually did it. I read Charlie's note but couldn't reply at Sir kept looking at Charlie. Its obvious she likes Kyle, the way she looks at him and pretends she doesn't care when he walks past.


Charlie's P.O.V

The day went pretty boring so I said goodbye to my friends and caught the bus home. I pulled out my headphones and stuck them in my ears, the bus drives are normally quite boring but I always have something on my mind to think about and this time, like most days, it was Kyle.




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