The Perfect Life

Charlie is just a normal ordinary British girl, but everything soon changes when her and her family move to California and she meet the love of her life <3

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7. First day at Cosgrove High

Chalie's P.O.V


It was my first day at Cosgrove and I was so nervous about meeting new people. It took me forever in the morning to decide what to wear but in the end I chose to wear My floral dress with a little denim jacket and my white converse with white frilly socks. I did my hair in a loose messy bun and stuck a few little flowers in there. I put on some foundation and a little but of mascara and to finish it off I added a hint of blusher. My bag was already packed and I was ready to go.

I made my way down the road and arrived at the bus stop where there was about 7 other people also waiting for the bus but they looked younger than me. The big yellow bus came and it stopped right in front of me. The slim yellow doors opened and the bus driver seemed really moody. I walked down the bus and saw a free seat next to this familiar looking girl. It was Carly! I was so glad to see her it calmed me right down. I took the seat next to her and we chatted the whole way there. she told me there was nothing to worry about and that she would stick with me at all times and introduce me to her friends. I was so happy but yet so nervous.



Carlys P.O.V


Our bus stopped just down the road from my house, right near Charlie's. I saw her get onto the and waited for her to notice me, luckily she did and she came and sat next to me, She seems like a really nice girl and I am willing to help her through being the freshman because I know what its like.

We arrived at school and we both stepped off of the bus together. As we walked through the gates, people started to stare at her in a fascinated way.

"Everybody thinks American high school is where everybody gets pushed into a category but don't worry its not as bad as it sounds, I actually have quite alot of friends but im a nice person. I'm not a stereotypical cheerleader. So it just goes to show that you don't have to be popular and a bitch to have loads of friends" I muttered into her ear so other people wouldn't hear me.

She just nodded and said "Good, that's what I was scared of"


* * * * * *


Charlie's P.O.V


I'm actually quite surprised at this school I honestly thought it would be full of judgemental people who hate the newbys but i've had quite a few people come over to me and made conversation with me. They all love my accent, I find it funny how they find my accent so fascinating.

Carly took me to meet the principle and get my new locker sorted. Carly went in first

"Good morning Mr Frank, this is Charlie, she's new here"

I waved and smiled politely even though I don't like school, I thought to myself fresh start fresh attitude.

"Oh hello there Charlie, I'm Mr Frank, I think I spoke to your mother yesterday when you arrived to the U.S.A. Welcome to Cosgrove" He said as he reached out to shake my hand.

I shook his hand and replied "Thank you sir it seems like a nice school"

He smiled and agreed with me.

"Well it was nice to meet you and lets hope you keep up some really good work, Miss Murphy will show you too your locker and give you your timetable"

Carly and I went with Miss Murphy to my locker, she didn't seem like a very nice teacher but hopefully I don't have her for any lessons. It turns out my locker is opposite Carly's which is really good because she's my only friend so far. The bell went for class and Carly walked me there. First lesson was English with Mr Greggson. I opened the door and everybody looked at me.

"Class, this is our new student Charlie Carter, please be very welcoming. Tell us a bit about yourself Charlie" He said with a cute smile on his face.

To be honest I couldn't think very clearly with he handsome eyes on me.

"Well I come from the UK" I said shyly.

"And do you have any hobbies or talents?" He asked politely.

"I sing and I play a couple of instruments, I also draw a little, but nothing much"

"Okay well you sound like a very talented young lady, please take a seat" I spotted a seat at the back of the class so I just took that one.

After third class I met Carly in the cafeteria for lunch. We queued up with our red plastic trays as each dinner lady chucked food into each section, I had a cheese burger and crisps which they call chips, its so confusing so I just let Carly do most of the talking.

Carly took me to sit down with her friends they all seemed really nice there was Christina, Ashley, Freya and Jade and obviously Carly but they weren't all girls, there was Justin who was going out with Ashley, Ryan, Brad, Luke and Sam. These guys were all on the soccer team  and Ashley and Christina were cheerleaders, I started to think to myself that I was in the popular crowd, and I think I am but maybe I'm just in a nice popular crowd. They were all telling me about the 3 Barbie bitches Abby, Kate and Nicole.

"Nicole is the worst, she's like the leader of the group" Ashley said quietly.

"I know me and Ashley are on the cheerleading team but we're not your stereo typical bitch cheerleaders, at the end of that day we are just normal students" Christina added.

All of a sudden there was a sort of slow motion feeling in my head. The doors swung open and walking through was a pure god. He was tall with dark chocolate eyes, brown curly-ish hair (a bit like harry styles). He was wearing black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt with red sleeves, and then to finish off his sexy look he had a red bandana tied onto his head pushing his fringe back and upwards. He was walking over to us, I quickly shot my eyes downwards at my food pretending that I hadn't noticed him walk in our direction. The boys on our table stood up and gave him the pull in hand shake or what ever its called and he sat down next to them. My heart had turned to mush and so had my stomach.

"Hey who's this"  It was the god speaking.

I looked up.

Jade spoke "Oh this is Charlie, she's new here, and she's British"

He stood up and leant over the table to shake my hand

"Hey I'm Logan, nice to meet you" He said with his handsome American charm and winked.

I'd had loads of hand shakes today but I shook his the least hesitative.

"Nice to meet you too" I said sitting back down in my seat almost missing.


* * * * * *


Logan's P.O.V


I went through to the cafeteria today and met everyone at our table. When I got there, there was a beautiful unfamiliar girl sat at our table, my heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw her. She was like an angel sent from heaven but I played cool around her because I didn't was to scare her off. I spoke to her and introduced myself. She had Beautiful blond hair scrunched up into a cute little bun, her eyes were bright green like emeralds and her lips looked as soft as a peaches skin. I had get this girl alone and get to know her.



Charlie's P.O.V


The bell went for the end of the day so I gathered my things for drama and head to the school gates where my mum was picking me up from. I was walking down the corridor until I heard "Charlie, wait up!" It was Logan! What was I going to say, every time I had seen him today I got butterflies in my tummy and my heart turned to mash potato! I just stopped and waited for him to catch up.

"Hey I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow seen as its a Saturday, you know get to know each other a bit? what do you say?"

My mouth froze, but eventually I replied "Umm yeah sure, that sounds great, pass my your phone"

He passed me his phone and I put my number into it "Text me" I smiled at him and carried on walking.

I couldn't stop smiling all the way home. I had just been asked on a date on the first day by that had my heart going every time I saw him.


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