The Perfect Life

Charlie is just a normal ordinary British girl, but everything soon changes when her and her family move to California and she meet the love of her life <3

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8. First date

Charlie's P.O.V


Its was finally Saturday and I hadn't slept a wink, I couldn't stop thinking about Logan. I was up at 8:20am just staring at my phone waiting for him to text. Then I walked into my wardrobe to decide on what to wear. I was stuck between my plain white half top with my high wasted denim shorts or my black skater skirt with my green fitted crop top, so I called my mum to my room for help.

"Muummm! I need your help"

She came through into my room

"What is it" she said stressfully.

"Well I have a date"

She sat forwards and her frown quickly turned into the biggest smile.

"Oh right ok and why do you need my help" She said excitedly.

"Well I don't know what outfit to wear"

I showed her my 2 outfits that I was stuck with.

"Um well I'd say the shorts and half top because you want to keep casual I mean its day time"


So I went with the denim shorts and t-shirt. I went over to my desk and switched on my hair straighteners. Whilst they were heating up I went into my bathroom and washed my face, cleaned my teeth ect. When my straighteners were fully heated I quickly ran them through my hair. I switched them off and put my hair up into a cute little half up half down hair style.

As I was just putting on my shoes my phone went off, I threw my shoes on the ground and sprinted over to my phone. It was him, the message said:

"Hey Charlie I'll pick you up at 10? Can you send my your address :)x"

My heart skipped a beat just looking at the text

"Yeah that sounds great, pick me up from 20 Palm road see you soon x"


 The time took forever to pass but eventually it did because there was a knock at the door! My mum went over to answer the door with Lilly whilst I slipped on my white converse.

"Hello, you must be Logan" my mum said as she welcomed him in.

"Hello" he said quite confidently.

My sister ran over to me and hid behind my leg.

"Lilly let go I'll be back soon"

she let go and I gave her a hug good bye.

We stepped outside my house and already stared chatting. We then got into his car. Hes already 17 (A year above me) so he can drive, to be honest the fact that he drives make him even hotter!

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"Its a surprise" he said.

I just laughed "Come on it cant be that secretive"

"Oh trust me it is!"


As we were driving he asked me loads of questions and kept making me laugh.

"So Charlie what do you like to do?" He asked me charmingly.

"Well I sing and play a few instruments, I also draw a little" I replied back.

I don't like to talk about my talents because I constantly feel pressured by them.

"What do you do?" I asked him back, trying to change the subject onto him.

"I sing and play the guitar" He said in a sort of dreamy way.


It was 11am when we arrived at our destination.

"Where are we" I asked him.

"We are at Santa Monica pier" He said excitedly.

I got out of the car and there was a massive pier with a sweet little fun fair on it, there were rollercoasters, games, restraints, cafes, and loads more things.

"Have you had breakfast Charlie?"

"Nope" I said and giggled a little but I don't know why, I guess he just made my feel safe and happy.

"Good, there's an amazing little café just down the coast, they sell amazing breakfasts and its only 11 so we're ok"

We walked down to this café and had breakfast there, I had pancakes with blueberries and ice cream. Logan had waffles, maple syrup and ice cream.


After our amazing but filling breakfast, Logan took me down the pier. It was so fun, we went on every single ride and played almost every game. I think was really falling for him.

It was about 7pm and the sun was just starting to set so we went for a little walk along the beach. It was beautiful, quiet and peaceful.

As we were strolling along the golden sand Logan slid his soft hand into mine, both our hands interlocked with one an others. I felt so in love.



Logan's P.O.V


I eventually brought up the courage to slip my hand into hers. It just felt so right. There was something about this girl that made me feel happy and worth being here.

It started to get dark so we got into the car and I drove her back home. On the way back we put on this hillerious crazy music, we couldn't stop laughing. Shes just amazing and I think I am falling for her.

We arrived at her house and I felt so sad that the day had ended but I knew I was going to do everything I could to make her happy.


Charlie's P.O.V


When I noticed that we had arrived at my house my heart sunk, I didn't want this date to end. This guy made my feel amazing. We both got out of the car and Logan walked me to my doorstep

"I had a really good time" he said as he stared into my eyes.

"Me too, I had great fun, thank you" I replied.

I gazed into his eyes as he gently held my hands in his and pressed his soft lips against my cheek.

"See you round Charlie" he whispered lightly into my ear.

"See you around" I smiled and looked down at my shoes shyly as he made his way back to his car.

I walked into my house, then my back rested against the door and slowly slid down until I was sitting on the floor just thinking about how much I wanted him to kiss me.



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