The Perfect Life

Charlie is just a normal ordinary British girl, but everything soon changes when her and her family move to California and she meet the love of her life <3

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6. Finally here

Charlie's P.O.V


Yes! We were finally here! I was so excited to be in America. Our plane landed at 2pm. When got a higher car for the time being until my mum bought one. It was a convertible red and which with leather seats. We drove for about 1 hour to California which is where our new house is, I was awake for the whole flight so I fell asleep during the drive.

I woke up to the sound of the car breaks, my eyes opened and I looked up, Standing in front of me was this giant mansion with a double garage and 2 balcony's that over looked the beach, we had quite a lot of neighbours which is good because I need to make friends soon!

Me and my sister jumped out of the car and ran through the big double white doors and we thought we were in paradise! The stairs that curled up the wall and the ope plan kitchen glistening at its cleanliness. We ran upstairs and bagsied our rooms. My room was massive, It had its own on sweet bathroom, a walk in wardrobe and a balcony over looking the beach!

I went back down stairs and into the garden, it was big with bright green freshly cut grass and a crystal blue swimming pool fixed to a cute little Jacuzzi on the side.

This place was paradise.


* * * * * * *


It had been 3 hours since we arrived and the sunset from my balcony was beautiful. I didn't want this excitement to end. My mum came upstairs to talk to me

"So Charlie how do you like the house!?"

"I love it mum honestly, I'm just scared of making new friends"

"Charlie I know how you feel, Im scared of making new friends too!" We both laughed.

"You will be pleased to know that your school bus picks you up from just down the road and your school doesn't have a uniform" She informed me.

I replied to her "That's good, What is my school called?"

"Cosgrove High"

"Okay" I replied to her.

"Im going to go out for a walk"

"Okay Char be careful"

I had changed into my little floral dress its was white and pink and I put my white Nikes on. I stepped out of the front door and a light warm breeze hit my face.

"New here?"

I jumped at the question, I saw a young pretty girl about my age wearing a light coloured t-shirt and a pair of ripped shorts with just a pair of flipflops on. She was holding a beat up surf board under one arm and had the other hand held out in front of her waiting for me to shake it, so I did.

"Hi my names Carly" She greeted me politely with her sweet American accent.

"Hi I'm Charlie, nice to meet you" I replied back to her.

"Oh your British, that's so cool! I love British accents, you'll have to teach me" She said in a very friendly way. I chuckled, she seemed quite funny.

"I'm about to go for a walk, you could come with me if you want, I need to make some friends around here" I smiled lightly at her.

"Sure sounds fun, can I leave my board here?"

"Yeah sure" I said back to her.

We walked down to the beach, and chatted about our lives and go to know eachother. She lives with her dad and her older sister. Carly's the same age as me and also goes to Cosgrove High. She told me about the school and who is who. She gave me loads of advice. We only live a few houses away so I feel not quite as alone as I did before.


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