The Perfect Life

Charlie is just a normal ordinary British girl, but everything soon changes when her and her family move to California and she meet the love of her life <3

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2. A few weeks

Charlie's P.O.V


It had been a few weeks since Kyle and Chelsea started dating and I was a little upset still but in the back of my mind I kept telling myself the truth, Kyle would never even set eyes on someone like me. The ringing of my phone interrupted my thoughts

"Hey Charlie its Cathy I was wondering if you wanted to go to the cinema today and see that new movie, the vow?" Cat said down the phone in a excited kind of way.

"Yeah sure what time should we meet there?" I replied back.

"How about in half an hour?" She suggested.

"Yeah that sounds good, see you there, bye"

I put the phone down and opened my wardrobe, I decided on Black, skinny, high wasted jeans with my red, white and black aztech half top. For my shoes I wore my white converse with white and black frilly socks. It was quite chilly out so I Put on my black leather jacket to keep me warm.

As I was about to leave I noticed I hadn't even done my hair yet! So I ran upstairs to the mirror and shoved my hair up into and loose messy pony tail.

In the car my mum turned on the radio and started singing to timber by Kesha, and the worst part was that both of our windows were rolled down, also we were stuck in traffic so the car wasn't even moving.


Cat's P.O.V


After I had put the phone down to Charlie I grabbed my money and went over to the mirrow to check that I looked ok. I was wearing my Favourite black, strapless top with my skinny high wasted dark blue jeans. I had my white Nike high tops on and my SuperDry hoodie. My hair was down and curly with my fringe pinned back in a small quiff.

My dad drove me over to the cinema where I was meant to meet Charlie but it seemed like she was going to be late, AGAIN. She's always late.

Eventually she arrived

"Oh my days! finally, your here!"

"I'm so sorry I'm late, I was stuck in traffic" She said to me apologetically.

"Its okay I have already got the tickets we just need to go and find our seats"

So that's what we did.

* * * ** * * * *

Charlie's P.O.V


"Wow that movie was so good" I said to Cat as we walked over to my car, my mum was dropping her home.

"I know right, but it was really sad aswell" She replied.

"Thanks for lift Gina and I'll see you at school Charlie, bye" Cat said as she got out the car. My mum replied before me

"That's alright Cathy anytime" My mum so nice to my friends, its kind of cringe.

"See you later Cat"

When we got home it was 7pm and I was really tired so I went upstairs to my bedroom expecting to go to sleep until I found my little sister fast asleep in my bed! That little rascal. My sister Lilly, shes only 4, but I think of her as the lucky one of my family as me and my older brother Lewis have a different dad to her. Her dad and my mum are together and they had her when I was 11. My brother is 20 and he lives at his university so I don't see him much. I see our dad every week, Usually on a Thursday so I guess I am luckier then most people who don't get to see their dads at all.

I changed into my pyjamas and crept over to the bed. I didn't want to wake up Lilly so I just gently scooted her over a bit and got into bed. I usually take about 3 hours to get to sleep but this time it only took me 3 minutes, I guess I was really tired.


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