A look inside me.

Trying to put down who I am. The reasons why.


1. .

You may think I don't write about things you can relate to,

Maybe your parents were kind, never said that they hate you.

and if you can relate, hold your head up and don't feel blue.

there are people out here who know what you've been through.


For those who think I'm just a smart worded poet.

if you met me in person i'd be the last one to show it.

I hide my talents, the world could never know it.

i know that if I did have a chance, I'd probably blow it.


my words are filled with the passions of love, fear and hate.

I wear the skinnies and cut, but I don't know how to skate.

I do drugs and fuck girls, cause it makes me feel great!

but I still respect women, I'd take you out on a date!


i avoid all the labels and grouping as such,

I don't care about opinions all that much,

I'm not a body builder, I'm not fucking butch.

I'm more like a rabbit you can keep in a hutch.


im living my life wild, so I'll always have my mind!

when I get to the end of my life I want to have been kind.

there is good things in me, things I must try and find.

yes I smoke weed, that's just how I choose to unwind.


ask yourself why I do it, it's cause I'm trying to hide!

why else would I always need a bong or a girl at my side.

I'm running away from my problems, but they seem so wide.

The day I live without fear, is the day I have died.


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