Amarillo Sky

Sky is an ordinary guy with a harsh past; he's been abandoned by some of his old friends, his dad left the family when he was three, but there are some good things in his life as well; He's part of a local band called The Dukes, He's the best Team Roper and Barrel Racer (yes He's a barrel racer) in his little home town of Broken Bow, Oklahoma.


5. Prologue


I could see my three year old self standing in the mild of the kitchen, crying and screaming, 'Daddy don't go'. But it's too late, he's walking out the door. I reach out to grab him...

I bolt into a sitting position, drenched in a cold sweat. Damn it, I hate nightmares. My younger brother Lucas comes running into my room with his aluminum baseball bat, and Mom right behind him. He shouts, "Show yourself!". I shake my head and say to him, "Ain't no one been in here, Doofus.". Lucas looks at me and then says, "One my name is Lucas not Doofus, secondly, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU SCREAMING ABOUT!". I throw the cover (I'm still in my jeans I wore last night)  back and rise to my full 6'5" height.

Lucas backs away, not wanting to get in a scuffle with me...and by scuffle I meant full fledge, no hold bar, fist fight. Lucas may look like he's at least six feet tall, but he's actually 5'12". Mom sighs, "Boys, please, not now, just please don't do this. You know I can't handle this.". I nod and wait for Lucas to agree. When he doesn't I put him in a headlock.  I hiss in his ear, "Tell Mom that you know and that you agree.". He chokes out, "In your dreams.". This begins our wrestilng match, that Mom refrees. After thirty minutes Lucas says, "I give! I give!". 

I look at the alarm clock to see what time it is; Shit is't 10:30 am! I was supposed to meet JD and Jessica thirty minutes ago! I usher Lucas and Mom out of my room and get dressed; I grab a green sleeveless shirt, a fresh pair of jeans, then I pull on my cowboy boots and my Justin hat. My phone begins playing, "Rodeo" by Garth Brooks. I answer it, "Yeah, oh hey JD. Yeah I'll be there in a minute. YES JD, I over slept.".

I go down the steps taking two at a time. I rush to the kitchen only to be stopped by Mom. 

"You need eat, Sky. Then go and hangout with JD and Jessica." she says. I sigh and grab a granola bar, wolf it down and finish up with a Mountain Dew. Mom says, "Fair enough. Now go, don't want to keep them waiting any longer.". I nod and head out to my truck.

As I back down the drive way, I turn the radio on and 'Trouble with Girls' begins playing. I drive towards Jessica's house, knowing that is where we'll have tha team meeting. After almost an hour I finally pull into her drive way, and I hear arguing.

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