My English Teacher (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Brianna Miller, 17 years of year, returns to Bradford High School in the fall as a senior and is totally excited about her last year of high school. She plans to make this year amazing without any drama. A clean slate, but what happens when a new, hot, fresh out of college english teacher starts working at her school? Will she fall for him? Will he risk losing his job to be with her? What will happen between these two? Find out here!


8. Mr. Malik's office

*Bria's POV* (5 Months Later)

So Zayn and I are getting serious and my mum has been in and out of town working on a huge disappearing/murder case so I've been spending a lot of nights at Zayn's. His mates are cool but his mate, Liam isn't exactly taking a liking to me like the others and I don't exactly know why. I sat in my chair talking to Chels about making plans about a girls night this weekend when all of a sudden Zayn, I mean Mr. Malik looks up and says, "Miss Miller, may I speak with you in my office, please?"

I instantly smile and knew what was about to happen. "Sure."

I rise up from my desk and start to follow him to a room behind his desk.

"I'll be back in a moment, class. I just need to speak to Miss Miller privately."

We reach the door and he opens it and closes it behind me. He quickly locks the door and turns back to me with a huge grin on his face. He slowly walk to me and lefts me up onto the top of the counter trying to make sure I don't hit my head on the  supply cabinets above me. I put my hands around his neck and he places his hands around my waist. He starts kissing me softly and then he starts to kiss me a little rougher. I grab his belt loops to pull him closer to me and stop him kissing me to bite his bottom lip and I hear him moan.

"You are naughty, aren't you?" He asks

"Maybe, maybe not." I say giggling

He begins to start kissing down to my neck and then to my shoulder pulling down my shirt a bit and going back up to my neck then lips. 

"As much as I am loving this, we should get back to the classroom. We've been in here for awhile."

"Do we have to love?" He asked looking at me with his best sad face

"Yes, we do. We can continue this later, I promise."

"Are you coming home with me tonight?" He asked

"If you want."

"I want." He says laughing

I jump off the counter and adjust my shirt. Zayn unlocks the door and has me walk in front of him so we don't look suspicious. 

"What you did cannot ever happen again or I will write you up and make sure that the head principal knows. Do you understand?" Zayn says to make it look like we actually "talked".
"Yes, Mr. Malik I understand." I said trying to look and sound ashamed

I sat back down beside Chelsea and I looked up to the clock. We only had 20 minutes of class left.

I got back into writing my essay about how William Shakespeare's writings still impact today's society and by the time m hand started getting tingly I finished and got up to put my paper on Mr. Malik's desk and slowly walked back to my seat. I talked to Chelsea until the bell rang and surprisingly she didn't ask me what supposedly got in trouble for which was odd but I just brushed it off. I stayed in my seat trying to go slow gathering my books so all the people in the classroom would leave before me. 

I got up and walked to Zayn. By now everyone was gone so we were able to walk out together and get in his car to drive away. He drove to my house so I could get some stuff for the week to stay over at his place.

*Zayn's POV*

Bria walked out of her house and got into the car throwing her bag into the backseat. She looked at me and smiled that gorgeous smile that I have fallen in love with over these past 5 months.

"You ready to go, babe? You're not forgetting anything are you?" I ask

"No." She replies

"Okay then, off we go."


And with that I pull out of the drive away and begin to drive to my flat. I slip my hand into hers and I glance over at her to see her looking down at our hands and smiling. We eventually reach the flat and I pull into the parking lot. I turn off the car and we both unbuckle. I get out to open her door and grab her bag. "You don't have to carry that. It's probably heavy." She says 

"Love, I got it and that's more of a reason for me carry it." I say laughing 

"Okay, okay." she says caving

I shut her door and hit the lock button on my keys. We begin to walk to the flat and then she grabs my hand. We walk to door and I unlock it yelling for the boys but there is no sign of them anywhere. Bria drags me to the table because something caught her eye. It was a note that read:

We went to get pizza because we got tired of waiting for you two love birds to get home. Be back in a bit.


I saw Bria smile again, "We have the house all to ourselves. We should do something." She says winking at me

"Yeah we should." I said grinning

We walked to my bedroom and I sat her bag down in the chair. As I went to touch her I heard her say, "Wait, wait! I want to do something first."

"Okay, I'll be here waiting." I said laughing 

She unzipped her bag and grabbed something and hid it behind her back discreetly.

" Whatchya got there, love?" I ask

"You'll see." She said

She ran to my bathroom and was in there for what seemed like forever. I remained on the bed and I kicked my shoes off. I heard the bathroom door open and I turned my head to see her in a black and red short, lacy lingerine outfit. She slowly walked over to me and climbed on top of me and said, "Do you like it? I got it yesterday at the mall with Chels."

"No, I don't like it. I love it." I say

"Good." She said smiling and with that, she shoved me down on the bed and we make love.



~Author's Note~

Hey guys I know I've not written in forever but I really couldn't get my laptop to work. My wifi is absolutely shity and I just got it to work. Hope you guys like the update! I love you guys and you're all beautiful! <3









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