My English Teacher (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Brianna Miller, 17 years of year, returns to Bradford High School in the fall as a senior and is totally excited about her last year of high school. She plans to make this year amazing without any drama. A clean slate, but what happens when a new, hot, fresh out of college english teacher starts working at her school? Will she fall for him? Will he risk losing his job to be with her? What will happen between these two? Find out here!


11. I'm Pregnant

*Bria's POV*

So it's been a couple of days and I told Chels all that has happened between Zayn and I and she said to get a pregnancy test. Zayn, the boys, and Chelsea said that I've been acting funny. Not myself. I stayed at Zayn's this morning playing the sick card with mum while Zayn went to work. Only Louis was at the flat with me. Harry and Niall were working and and Liam took the day off to spend time with Sophia, his girlfriend. I walked back and forth in the bathroom waiting for the test to read negative or positive. After what seemed like an eternity the results were in. I picked up the stick and it read positive. I instantly felt my back against the bathroom door and I slid down to the floor. I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks hot and quickly. My life is over at 17 and my boyfriend is going to hate me for ruining his life. I've having my teacher's baby out of all people. What the hell?!? I wrapped my arms around my legs and laid my head on my knees and bawled. 

I heard a light knock at the bathroom door, "You okay, love?"  heard Louis ask

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks Lou." I yell back to him

"Can I come in?" He asks

"Yeah. Just give me a minute."

"Take your time."

I quickly had the pregnancy test its box underneath the sink and look in the mirror. I had mascara all down my face. I grabbed a cloth of the rack and ran some water on it and some soap as well. I scrubbed all the make-up off and rised the cloth. I threw my hair in a messy bun and unlocked the door for Louis.

"You sure you're okay, love? You look like you've been crying and a lot. Don't be afraid to tell me. I'm here for ya, Bria." Lou said smiling trying to comfort me

I felt the tears begin to fall again and fast this time. I couldn't stop it.

"Bria?" Lou asks again, "Talk to me hun."

" Grab the box and stick out from underneath the sink and showed him. I showed him the box first then the stick. "I'm pregnant Louis." I say fumbling over my words

"Come here, love." He says with open arms

I walked to Louis and he wrapped his arms around me. I drop the box and stick and just bawl.


*Zayn's POV* (a few hours later)

I pull into the parking lot of my mates and I's flat after a long day of work and walk up to the door. The door is already unlocked so I open the door to find all the boys on the couch and Bria in the chair.

"How ya feelin' , love?" I ask Bria

"A little better." She says smiling

I could tell she had been crying for awhile. Maybe all day.

"So Zayn, whatchya think about babies." Louis asks

"Louis!" Bria yells at him and leans over to hit him hard on the arm

"Ow!" Lou yells

We all laugh but them

"Babe, it's fine. Lou, I think that they are cute and all but I'm not ready for them or even want them for awhile." I say

I saw Bria instantly in tears and I place my bag on the floor to go over to her and comfort her, "What's wrong love" I ask

"It doesn't matter." She says crying harder

"Yes, it does." I say rubbing her back

"You won't want anything to do with me when I tell you anyway." She says harshly

"Yes, I will. I will always want you."

"Promise?" she asks

"Yes, love. I promise you." I assure her smiling

"Zayn?" She asks 

"Yes, love?" I ask her

"I'm pregnant." She says

"What?!?" I ask in shock and I feel my eyes nearly almost fall out of my head

"I'm fucking pregnant, Zayn!" She yelled at me and quickly got up and ran up the stairs in tears. I try to grab her but she's already gone before I can reach her.

I slam my back into the chair and lean my head over the head of the chair. I pull my hands to my face and groan, "Fuck. My. Life."

~Author's Note~

Hope you like it!! You are all beautiful and I love you bunchies!! Need ideas so let me what you think.



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