My English Teacher (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Brianna Miller, 17 years of year, returns to Bradford High School in the fall as a senior and is totally excited about her last year of high school. She plans to make this year amazing without any drama. A clean slate, but what happens when a new, hot, fresh out of college english teacher starts working at her school? Will she fall for him? Will he risk losing his job to be with her? What will happen between these two? Find out here!


6. "I think I'm in love with Mr. Malik."

~Zayn's POV~

We should there looking into each others eyes and Bria said to me, " You won't, I promise."

I smiled down at her and kissed her once more. For heaven's sake was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen in all my 25 years of living. 

"Would you like to go to the park tomorrow and have a picnic?" I asked her nervously

"Yes, I would love that, but you do realize that we would have to go to another town so you and I don't get caught together? I don't want you to lose your job." She said smiling up at me

"I know, love," I said, "We could go to Shipley but only if you like."

"That's fine."

"May I have your number? We kind of have to be in contact if we are going to go through with this date."

She smiled and let go of me to go back to her desk to get a sheet of paper and a pencil. She quickly wrote something down and brought it to me.

"I really must go. My mother should be waiting at home."

"One thing before you go." I say

"Yes?" She asks

"When we are not in school and it is just you and myself, please call me Zayn."

"Okay, Zayn." She said smiling and grabbing her book to leave.

"I will see you tomorrow then?"

"Yes." She said opening the door and I knew she was gone when I heard the door slam against the wall.

As I saw her walk out, I came to the conclusion of something.

I was in love with her. Brianna Miller.... My student....


~Bria's POV~

"Mum!" I called into the house as I entered.

No answer. I went to the kitchen and saw a note on the counter that read;


I had to leave town for a few days because I have another client and another case to attend to. I also I've a meeting about a murder case that I may take on. If I have to stay any longer out of town I will call you. I left one of my credit cards for you to buy what is needed. Feel free to call me if you need and if I do not answer I'll get back to you as soon as I can.




I put the note back on the counter and ordered Chinese which came 45 minutes later. I eventually got a text from Zayn that said, "Hey beautiful."

We talked for a good solid three hours just about stupid stuff and we planned our date.

Our plan was for him to pick me up and go to a park in Shipley and then may be later we go to dinner and a movie. Just spend the day together. My god I'm so excited.

I called Chels and told her the details and we both screamed like silly school girls of excitement. I also had to deal with her I told you so? How is this chick like the master of knowing boys? May be she can teach me a thing or two. 

Chelsea and I were still talking when I realized something, "Chels I have a confession to make." I said

"Okay, spill." She said

"I think I'm in love with Mr. Malik."  I said and I instantly heard her gasp

"I knew it!" She shrieked 


~Author's Note~

There you go girls! Another update that I promised<3 Hope you guys like it.. I'll update when I can. You're all beautiful and I love you bunchies!!<3 (:




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