My English Teacher (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Brianna Miller, 17 years of year, returns to Bradford High School in the fall as a senior and is totally excited about her last year of high school. She plans to make this year amazing without any drama. A clean slate, but what happens when a new, hot, fresh out of college english teacher starts working at her school? Will she fall for him? Will he risk losing his job to be with her? What will happen between these two? Find out here!


2. Back To School(:

I was already up before my alarm on my phone went off. I guess I'm on of those people who are excited about the first day back to school. I was putting on my black beanie as my mum called up the stairs,"Bria! Breakfast!" 

"Coming in a sec mum!" I called back

With that, I quickly slipped on my Toms, grabbed my iPhone, looked one last glance in the mirror, and ran down the stairs. I reached the kitchen where I went to kiss my mum's forehead.

"Good morning, mummy."

"Good morning, love." she said smiling

I grabbed my pancakes off the counter and walked to the table to sit down and eat. I quickly started eating because I didn't want to be late for my first day of my senior year.

My phone vibrated on the table and I saw that it was a good morning text from Jake. I looked up at my mum and she was gawking at me with a huge smile upon her face.

"What?" I asked her laughing with my mouth stuffed with food trying to swallow

"You've grown up so much in the last 17 years, Brianna. I cannot believe that you're in your last year of high school an next year going to college. You may think that you're all grown up, but you will always be my little girl. I love you so much sweetheart."

"I love you too, mum and I know I'll always be your little girl no matter how old I am." I said shoving the last piece of my pancake into my mouth.

"I'll see you when you get home, alright. Now, shoe, shoe you're going to be late for school."

"Thank you for the breakfast, mum." I said as I went to to put my plate into the sink. But before I could take it mum took it from me, " I have it love. And you're welcome." 

I walked out of the kitchen and into the den to get my bag and grabbed my car keys off the wall, "Love you mum!" I yelled back

"Love you too sweetheart. Have a good first day!" she yelled back

I swiftly ran to my car an hit he unlock button on my keys. I open and and shut the door and got into the driver's seat. I buckled up and started the car. I checked both mirrors before backing out of my drive way. I turned the radio on to hear Climax by Usher and I continued on to drive my 15 minute drive to school. When I got to school almost the whole parking lot was full of cars and people. I parked in my normal spot and turned off the car. I unbuckled, grabbed my bag, and got out of the car. I hit the lock button on my keys and walked into the school. I grabbed my schedule that I got out of the mail to see what my classes were;

1: Gym

2: History


4: Show Choir


5: Science

6: Art

7: English

I eventually saw Jake and Chelsea. I only had 5th and 7th with Jake and 1st, 3rd, and 7th with Chelsea. The day went by pretty fast and I finally got to 7th period. All I heard all day was how hot the 12th grade english teacher was. I got into the class room and sat down in one of the seats in the front row. Mr. Malik is what the board said his name was. Everyone was talking to each other and I saw Chelsea walk in and she sat beside me.

"Hey girl." said Chelsea

"Hey." I said

Jake soon came in and sat on my left. 

"Settle down, settle down." said Mr. Malik

Soon enough all eyes were on the teacher.

I noticed all of his tattoos because he had taken off his jacket and had his sleeves rolled up. He had dark hair with beautiful hazel eyes. He was buff for a young 20 something guy and all the girls n school were right. He was drop dead gorgeous. 

"My name is Mr. Malik and I will be your english teacher this year. I am a pretty easy going guy unless you break my rules. I have only 7 rules; 1) Be respectful of each other, 2) Pay attention and do your work, 3) No cursing, 4) Talk with inside voices because I do not want to have to get onto you like you're in grade school, 5)  Be creative, 6) No cheating. and lastly, 7) Have fun. Any questions?"

"How did you get so hot?" someone idiot girl yelled from the back of the classroom.

"How old are you?"

"Where are you from?"

Mr. Malik laughed," I don't know how I got this hot. You'd think I would be use to being asked that question and I am 25. I was born and raised here, in Bradford but I went to the University of England to get my teaching degree."

Mr. Malik went around the room having everyone play two truths and a lie. And around to the end of the class he passes out black and white journals to everyone.

"I am giving you these journals to all of you to write whatever is on your mind. You can write your thoughts, a poem, a story, whatever you want. You will get the first 10 minutes each day in class to write in these and feel free to take them home with you and write there as well."

"Have a good rest of the day." Mr. Malik said as the bell rang

I grabbed my books up and got out of my seat. Jake slipped fingers softly into mine and we walked toward the door with Chelsea following closely behind us. She stared talking but I wasn't paying attention to her. I quickly glance over my shoulder at Mr. Malik and he smiled at me. Oh my god, he wasn't suppose to see me looking at him. Although I had an amazing boyfriend who I love dearly, I think I like Mr. Malik. But, he and I can never happen because I love Jake and he is my teacher and I am his student.



~Author's Note~

Hey guys, it's Kayla. I know that this chapter may be long and crappy and I am sorry for that. I'm just a little rusty on my writing skills because I have not written in about a year and a half. Please add me as a favorite or become a fan of mine because I promise to follow back. Tell me what you think of this chapter. If you have any idea's or topic's for another story just let me know I plan to make a sequel to this if this story does well. Also, check out one of my best friends, Samantha Leane. She's an amazing writer.. You're all beautiful and I love you bunchies!<3



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